A Little Crunch: Popped Quinoa

Popped Quinoa by A Little Yumminess

Jazzing up some leftover fried rice.

Jazzing up some leftover fried rice.

Quinoa is one of those ingredients that is so good for you that I’ve tried very hard to fall in love with it. It hasn’t gone well — I’ve had many an acceptable quinoa dish, but never one that got me too excited. But I think maybe I finally have the answer to to my quinoa apathy and all it takes is a few minutes in a hot, dry pan. Continue reading

A Little Yumminess Summer Camp 2016!

A Little Yumminess Camp Logo

We’re so excited that it’s time to start thinking about our A Little Yumminess Around the World summer camp, one of our favorite parts of the year.

For younger kids (entering 1st through 3rd grades in 20016) we’re bringing back our popular “Cooking Around the World” themed camp. Each day we’ll visit a different country  or region. We’ll explore a diversity of flavors and practice lots of cooking skills while we make a tasty spread of globally themed snacks and lunch each day. We’ll also have time for guided ingredient tastings, crafts, kitchen science and other fun, foodie activities.  It’s always amazing to see what kids, even this young, can do in the kitchen and how much energy and creativity they bring to the final dishes that we make together.

For our older campers (entering 3rd through 6th grades) we’ll focus on global flavors through cooking projects inspired by great chefs.  Each day campers will create a meal from concept to execution and will gain practical meal planning, budgeting, shopping, cooking and presentation skills along the way. The last day will be a friendly cook-off where campers can put the skills they’ve learned to work.

We’ll also be joined throughout the summer by guests chefs who will share their expertise and enthusiasm for cooking and eating well.

Here are basic details for all 4 sessions, please click over to our “Summer Camp 2016” page for more information. We hope to see your young, budding cooks this summer!

For All Sessions:

  • Location:  Bethany United Methodist Church (Sanchez Street at Clipper in Noe Valley, San Francisco)
  • $495 per session ($445 plus $50 materials fee)



If none of the sessions work for you this year – please email us at alittleyum@yahoo.com and ask to be put on our mailing list for next year and other events throughout the year.

Yumminess camp collage part 1

Breakfast Makeover: Japanese Bento

Mini Breakfast Bento_SJ Mercury News

A hearty and tasty breakfast shouldn’t be restricted to weekends. With some advance planning and prep, parents can make a “fancy” breakfast a daily occurrence (forget the generally “sugar-laden” boxed cereals).

This Japanese Bento was featured in the San Jose Mercury about year ago and is way easier to pull together than you would think.  It just looks impressive.  We love the idea of rice for breakfast and if you are gluten-free, it totally gets you out of the breakfast rut.  You can have almost everything prepared the day before and leftovers work great for this Japanese bento breakfast.

Winter break is over and all of us are begrudgingly back to our daily grind. Hopefully, this breakfast idea will get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to shake up your breakfast routine.

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Quick bite: Bruschetta Time!


Bruschetta with egg salad with pimenton and pickled red onions and fried garlicky dino kale.

Just a little weekend inspiration – before the long (rainy) weekend.  Whip up this simple bruschetta (and a few others) and enjoy with your favorite cocktail!  Get the kids involved in creating their favorite open-faced tartines or bruschetta.  Perhaps invite some friends over and play some board or card games.  These days, our new favorite card game is Monopoly Deal!

Signature Dish

Signature Risotto

Risotto School

It’s pretty cool to have a signature dish and for my kids that means risotto. They never seem to tire of making or eating it. Here they are last night collaborating on a super cozy version with Italian sausage, peas, parmesan and cheddar cheese finished with lemon zest, fresh parsley and drizzle of good olive oil! They decided on the flavors and then totally surprised me by needing very little help aside from my hanging around to serve as safety monitor (this mind you is after a dozen or so attempts where they were able to do more and more each time.). It’s been a nice strategy for them to focus on just one dish and really figure it out… and a pretty great feeling  for me to stand back and watch my little people knock out this killer meal.

What are your family’s signature dishes?



Fall Favorite: Delicata and Goat Cheese Pasta

Taste of Fall_Delicata Squash Pasta_A Little Yumminess

Fall is in the air and we are thrilled that our favorite squash is back on the shelves at grocery stores and farmers’ markets.  The delicata is delicious and easy to prepare as it requires no peeling.  I know, I often shy away from other squashes as I fear peeling them (and cutting myself).  This meal comes together in no time and the end product is good enough to serve to guests.  Leftovers are great in school lunches as well.  If you want to take it up a notch (and make it a non-vegetarian dish), the addition of a little pancetta never hurt anyone. ;)

This is seasonal cooking at it’s best and simplest, so give it a try before the delicata squash is gone…..

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Food Find: Cantonese Roast Duck @ Cheung Hing

roast duck

This amazing “food find” is the result of my hairdresser and I chatting about Thanksgiving and how neither one of us fancies of turkey (sorry turkey lovers!).  The conversation lead from one thing to another and eventually we ended up with her telling me about the AMAZING roast duck from Cheung Hing on 30th and Noriega.  Cheung Hing where have you been all my (San Francisco) life?? A massive roast duck craving struck after our conversation and the hubby was dispatched to procure some dinner for us. :)

The lines are epic and the service gruff – as it is at every place I consider a “true” food find.  Don’t even think about eating there (my hairdresser warned me) – this is “a takeaway food adventure”.  Make sure you get the duck with rice under it – that rice is possibly the best rice in San Francisco (duck fat does make everything better).  Get a side of dry fried green beans and you are all set.  Little munchkin loved it and it warmed my heart to watch her gnawing on the duck and enjoying the unbelievably fatty and tasty duck skin.  Sometimes she makes her mama proud!

If you are looking for a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal – this is the place to check out next week.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!