Sunday Supper: De Afghanan Kabob House


Berkeley’s loss is San Francisco’s gain with the De Afghanan Kebab House closing shop across the Bay Bridge and opening up in San Francisco.  The newest location of this amazing kebab house is located kind of in “no man’s land” (Geary and Polk), but do not let that deter you.  It’s a simple restaurant, that is kid-friendly and welcoming with spectacular food. Continue reading

Peruvian-Chinese Grilled Chicken


Pollo a la Brasa_Peruvian Grilled Chicken_A Little Yumminess.jpg

Peruvian Grilled Chicken Marinade_A Little Yumminess.jpg

mi Pueblo Food Center_A Little Yumminess.jpg

We discovered this absolutely great marinade for grilled chicken recently and I wanted to share because it’s a good one for all those summer BBQs coming around the corner, and really for any time of the year if you turn to your broiler instead. The marinade combines some familiar flavors in a really tasty way: soy sauce, lime juice, garlic, paprika and cumin. It’s actually a pretty interesting cultural and culinary story when you think of it…. the fusion food legacy that came directly out of a Southern Chinese immigration to Peru (mainly Lima) in the early 20th century. I’ve heard from homesick friends from India about their beloved Indian-Chinese food, but Peruvian-Chinese food is a new one for me and a topic I can’t wait to continue to explore. Continue reading

Brunch Time: Shakshuka


This Tunisian shakshuka is something everyone with a blog was making a few years ago.  I had it on my “must-make” list a while back and it just sort of languished on it and never got made.  And this past weekend, we were having company for brunch and the hubby decided to make it.  I usually object to his choices on what to make, but for once we actually agreed. :)

First things first, the name – shakshuka – is so much fun to say, and of course the jokers in our family keep repeating it in different tones and voices.  Secondly, this is one of those dishes where the sum of the parts in far greater than what goes into it.  It’s simple yet impressive due to the bold colors.  The smokey paprika makes the dish and should not be substituted.  In fact, in our kitchen, these days, paprika is sort of the spice of the month.  One slight screw up we had that took the dish from an A+ to a B was that the egg yolks got over-cooked.  So stay on top of it, and make sure the yolks are runny.  Truly a thing of beauty for company, or even just yourselves for Sunday brunch.

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Community Dinner at 18 Reasons: Vegetable Korma


We recently suggested taking the family for the Community Dinner at 18 Reasons as part of our “Dinner Club” series.  When you just don’t want to cook dinner, it is a good idea to have some fun, unfussy and quick places on your list to take the kids for dinner.

18 Reasons’ monthly Community Dinner is the perfect place for a quick and inexpensive dinner.  This coming Wednesday, we are making a delicious vegetable korma, basmati rice, raita and red onion pickle for the Community Dinner.  Plus, it is a fundraiser and the $10 you pay per plate goes to their wonderful Cooking Matters program.  So skip cooking and join us at 18 Reasons between 6-8 pm – just drop in or RSVP here:)


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We’re off to enjoy the day with family (and most likely eat too much chocolate!). In honor of my favorite day to eat chocolate, I wanted to share a sketchy rendition of  an ultra cool Easter egg tableaux by photographer Sam Hofman, and a neat little video showing how they handcraft fancy chocolate eggs at Fortnun & Mason, London.

Sam Hofman Easter Chocolate Tableaux

[A link to Sam Hofman's Tumbler site -- soooo cool. Here's the chocolate image which I especially love.]



Shrimp Curry in A Hurry Revisited

Shrimp Curry 2

This is a beyond simple curry – one that we featured in a slightly different form when we first started this blog (that seems like AGES ago).  We are fans of shrimp curry (and beer) and this mild and quick curry is a go-to at our house.  We featured this recently in the San Jose Mercury and got a very nice comment from a reader that made our day.  Stacie and I love hearing that someone tried our recipe and loved it. :)

Personally, I like a fiery, burning-hot, raging shrimp/seafood curry, but this is not that curry.  Sometimes, when the little one is eating something else and I am cooking only for adults, I am known to way spice this up with red chilli flakes, green chillies and even some red curry paste and more of all the spices below.  And then I love watching the hubby sweat.  If you are a lover of hot food, I urge to to take this basic/mild (but tasty) curry up a notch!

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Bay Leaf Kitchen & Elianna’s Minted Spring Pea Dip

Elianna's Minted Spring Pea Dip

Image: Bay Leaf Kitchen

Simran and I have found a foodie soulmate in Elianna Friedman. In addition to being the woman behind CUESA’s Foodwise Kids program, she’s an inspired chef, seasonal food goddess and a wonderful teacher. She’s doing some really, really cool stuff to engage kids in learning about where food comes from and eating with the seasons which we wanted to share …. and she also passed along this tasty recipe to celebrate spring: an easy dip that combines pea shoots, mint and cool tangy yogurt. I’ve got some enthusiastic dippers in my family and we can’t wait to make this one!

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