Kung “Pop” Chicken

“Kung Pop Chicken is your favorite, isn’t it?” – Mummy

“It sure is!!” – 4 year old

You have to love Chinese restaurant lunch specials.  Inexpensive, filing and tasty.  A regular haunt on the days I cannot get my act together and make lunch for my daughter is Dragon Well on Chestnut Street.  It isn’t quite a mecca of great Chinese food but Ria and I have our pilgrimage down.

We snag a free parking spot in the residential part of the Marina, trudge to Dragon Well, hand over our $9+, pick one chocolate (hers) and one regular (mine) fortune cookie each and collect our steaming brown box of rice and peanuty and spicy kung pao chicken.  We then find ourselves a picnic table somewhere in the Presidio or in the Chrissy Field area and tuck into our hugely satisfying meal.  Ria has made a spectator sport out of making me eat the dried chilies in the dish – “Mummy, eat the ‘Mirchi’ (Hindi for chili) “ and because I can, I do often humor her.

Last Saturday, given the option of pizza or kung pop chicken for lunch – Ria picked the Chinese delight (atta girl!).  We smuggled our box into the now defunct Chrissy Field Center on Halleck Street and shared our lunch.  Ria did say at one point during the meal – “Mummy, this is very spicy.” (oh no! end of meal!) but took a monster bite right after!  I will never understand the strange relationship children have with food.

Once a food adventure, now a food ritual for us.  We just have to convince Dragon Well to change the name of the dish to Ria’s mispronunciation of it.

“You will enjoy good health, you will be surrounded by luxury”.  Nice.

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One thought on “Kung “Pop” Chicken

  1. Simran, can’t wait to read more!!! It’s “Daily Candy” for food. LOVE it!!! More, more, more, please. Great photos & darling art work.

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