Rainy Days and Tofu Towers

It’s gloomy, rainy today, but still a great day for a food adventure! We had set our sights on trying a new food cart called Chaac-Mool serving up traditional Yucatecan Food at Fort Mason, but after circling the parking lot and calling their number, we found out they’re starting up next week (They’ll be near Building A on Fri-Sun from 11am-7pm). So no Chac-Mool for us today, but we’ll check them out next week and let you know what we think.

With our hunger increasing by the minute we headed over to Pacific Catch which is nearby on Chestnut at Fillmore. We watched the rain come down while enjoying a simple lunch of miso soup, sweet potato fries and poke. The fries and soup went down easy, but I could not prevail upon Luca to give the poke a little nibble. So as is often the case — more for me! And… we did discover that those small cubes of soft tofu that come in the soup are perfect for making miniature towers in Chinese spoons.

Pacific Catch’s Chestnut Street location is small and got pretty crowded right at noon, so I would either go early or head over to the much larger 9th and Lincoln location when you get the hankering for some sweet potato fries.

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