Crazy Cake

Crazy Cake = an easy, impromptu craft project that you can whip up with supplies you probably have around the house. Even a 2 year old can have fun helping with this one!

Project supplies: cardboard, kraft paper tape, tissue paper, school glue, paint brush, clear plastic packaging & clear tape (for the candles), fun crafty items like googly eyes or pom poms. Start to finish time is as little as a half hour including cutting and taping the cake “base”.

On a rainy day without the supplies to make an actual cake, we decided to make a crazy cake out of whatever we could find close at hand. Just water down the school glue and use a paintbrush to adhere tissue paper squares for the “frosting”. For the candles, I cut rectangles out of clear plastic packaging, rolled them long ways and secured the seams with clear packing tape. We rolled skinny strips of tissue paper and inserted them into the clear tubes. Let your imagination run wild!

I keep a stash of kraft paper tape among my crafting supplies because it adheres well to any paper, blends with cardboard boxes and paper grocery bags, and since it’s paper, it takes most drawing and painting media (and stickers!) well.

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