Sea Salt and Rosemary

I’m forever jotting things down, especially on vacation, and most especially when I’ve come across something tasty. A beachside lunch during a trip to Sardinia a few years back yielded this page in my notebook. A pinch of sea salt and rosemary would be good on a whole lot of things and now I may finally get around to putting some together for my pantry.

It’s also a fun mini project to do with someone small. Pick some rosemary (in our climate it grows everywhere!) & let it dry for a few days. Then let the little one break it up and mix with sea salt. Grab your funnel and scoop it all into a salt mill. Voila! I’ll probably also have my son help me draw a label and customize some cute little jars so that we can share with friends.

I know Luca will like helping with this one, and I will enjoy having this on hand when I roast meat or veg or to sprinkle on soup or pasta. While we’re at it we’ll probably make up some of Michael Chiarello’s divine Fennel Spice mix. It’s a must-have in our pantry and we’re nearly out. Do you have any favorite customized spice mixes? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Sea Salt and Rosemary

  1. Another great one!
    For ratia (indian yogurt condiment)

    In yogurt add some rock salt….some ground roasted cumin and some black pepper! it’s yummy!

  2. Hi Stacie,
    Just a few weeks ago a followed a recipe for roast from a cookbook and it called for Rosemarie. Like you said we have lots of rosemary in our backyard so I was looking forward to using a few sprigs of RM. The roast came out well!
    Thanks for the idea of preparing salt and rm as a spice! I’ll have to look up what a salt mill looks like.

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