Let’s be Frank – Dogs Gone Good!

Much to my chagrin having Ria eat lunch at school exposed her to hot dogs – something I had deliberately kept her away from.  She also learned from her adorable and rather creative friend Drew the made up “Hot dog, Hot dog” song which she sings whenever she wants some franks. Cute, but marginally disturbing for a “food snob” parent.

There are two lessons here:  Your children will be exposed to undesirable foods in spite of your best efforts.  Secondly, don’t make the stuff taboo – you want hot dogs, you got hot dogs.  Except, I cheat and take Ria to eat the best available hot dogs at Let’s Be Frank.

Forget Ria, I love Let’s be Frank hot dogs.  Every time, I walk by the pint-sized storefront in the Marina and am feeling peckish I get a hot dog – which is leading to a rapidly filling Frequent Frank Card.  The hot dogs are nitrate, hormone and antibiotic free and worth every penny.  They also sell uncooked hot dogs to take home and one day I am going to buy some and make an Indianized version of sausage and peppers to serve with dahl and rice.  Let’s be Frank also caters events and sends you a hot dog cart.  What a fun idea for a kids (or adult) party.  The last time we were there with Drew, the kids inhaled their hot dogs and proceeded to do the “hot dog song and dance routine” on the sidewalk in front of the store.  If you see some crazy kids at Let’s Be Frank, they are with me.

Larry Bain, the proprietor is super friendly and is trying to do good things to get kids to eat healthier via his non-profit Nextcourse.  That makes me want to sing the hot dog song!!

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5 thoughts on “Let’s be Frank – Dogs Gone Good!

  1. We are a huge fans of Let’s Be Frank. They are great for making Pigs in a Blanket as well. Healthy and fun what could be better!

    • LBF Pigs in a blanket — that would be yum for sure. Thanks for reading. I just checked out your blog. Cool! Bookmarked it and will be back for sure. Maybe all of us can cook (or eat) together some time. It sounds like we have a lot in common. – Stacie

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