Seafood Curry in a Hurry

I am hoping that by now everyone has bought some curry powder (yes, Anu this means you too) and is looking for more uses for their stash.  Making curry often intimidates people and I can understand why – I, too used to think it was something only my mother could make.  Don’t worry about this being spicy for the little ones – you can omit the chilli powder and use less of the other spices.  Little ones all over the world eat curry, so why shouldn’t our kids?  Ria prefers the fish version and we are working on her liking prawns. But, for now I am just happy that when I am making curry she says “Hmmmm…..Mummy, this smells good in my mouth”.  That might mean her mouth is watering.

Try this one.  You will like it and you can make it.  Trust me.

Seafood Curry in a Hurry

This easy curry takes the hard work and fear out of curry.  It is quick, simple and a great way to introduce “spices” and seafood to your little ones.  You can adjust the spices to suit your palates.  Serve with sautéed spinach or your favorite steamed vegetables.  For a vegetarian version use tofu and/or any vegetables you (and your kids) fancy.

Serves 2 adults and 2 kids


1-2 tbsp canola, olive or safflower oil

1 lb shrimp or any firm fleshed white fish like snapper

1 onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1 tbsp curry powder

½ tbsp cumin seeds or powder

1 tsp coriander powder (optional)

½ tsp chilli powder to taste (optional)

1-2 tsp salt (to taste)

1 13.5 oz. can of coconut milk

Juice from 1 lemon (optional)


  1. Heat oil in a saucepan and add chopped onion and cook until softened, about 5 minutes.  Add garlic and sauté for another minute and then add all the spices and salt.  Fry for another 2 minutes to “cook” the spices
  2. Add the seafood of choice and coconut milk and simmer for 8-10 minutes
  3. If using, squeeze the juice of one lemon on curry and serve with rice

28 thoughts on “Seafood Curry in a Hurry

  1. MmmmMmmmmmm… that photo of prawn curry is smelling good in MY mouth too!

    what is the green leaf garnishing on top, fresh coriander?

    • Hahahaha…you and Ria – 2 peas in a pod. Make it and report back!
      Garnish is cheating – parsley from our container garden – more for visual appeal. Coriander probably better.

  2. This looks wonderful! I have a pound of shrimp in my freezer that I was just wondering what to do with. Unfortunately I have all of my meals planned for this week, but I am definitely going to try it on Monday.
    Thank you! Elisabeth

  3. You must have bought a really good camera or this curry out of the box is starting to look really good. That looks really good and sounds simple. Now…can I just have some curry powder?

  4. I think this is going to be one of my favourite curries! moreover anything in coconut milk becomes my favourite…..and i love pranws… too is great idea!

    It’s going to be served for lunch tomorrow……but i am going to eat with some boiled rice…..doesn’t it sound great.

  5. This looks delicious and with a splash of good old faithful siracha – extra yummy! Plus it sounds simple enough for even moi. thanks

  6. Simran,

    love this great and simple recipe, now I know what I’ve been doing wrong when making curry. I had no idea that I needed to “cook” the spices. Thanks for all your hard work and help…
    love from your friend always, Ulrike

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  8. We made the curry with fish tonight a big hit and super easy to make. I have a feeling we will be cooking this often!

  9. Hi Simran,
    Where do you buy your curry powder? I find the taste varies so much from store to store.

  10. My friend Natasha wanted to make Pina Colladas and bought a mountain of coconut milk. Unfortunately the Pina Colladas were not a hit and now I have all this coconut milk. I will definitely use it on your wonderful curries, Simran! Thank you for sharing your take on oriental food… am still thinking about how wonderfully fragrant your house smelled every time I came to visit you. Lots of love, success and luck from your sandbox friend Ulrike
    Will copy this down into my recipe book.

  11. By the way my daughter Sophia (10 years) loved your green chicken curry. We started her real young on things like Sushi (she inhaled flying fish eggs sushi and edamame) when she was as young as 4 years old. After all the compliments on the green chicken curry I let her know it came from a very wonderful friend and told her about your website. She wants to know everything about you and Ria. I told her about how we would teach each other Indian, Malay, Indonesian, Italian and German. Miss you!

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