Taco-Truck Chasers!

We are a little bit obsessed with taco-trucks (ok, maybe a lot).  So much so, that Ria and I have become taco-truck chasers.  I even tried to convince my husband that I needed a taco-truck so I could cater parties when I wanted to.  That didn’t really fly.  No taco-truck for me.  Though I am not really sure what I would serve – what would a Singaporean taco look like?  🙂

Our last annual holiday party was catered by Kung-Fu Tacos.  Super-duper hit.  One of those parties that people (kids as well) are still talking about.  Some guy (shall remain nameless) ate 17 tacos!!  The kids kept going back for more.  Chinese tacos are the way to go.  To test the truck out for our party, I had my friend Anu drive us all downtown in her mini-van.  Anu was double parked with 3 whiny and hungry kids while I stepped out to buy a couple of each type of taco. Then we made our way to a nearby playground for the taste test.  (Clearly, a requirement for being my friend is a willingness to go out of your way for food).  The tacos passed with flying colors, though I must admit that the novelty of getting food out of a truck adds a great deal to the tacos’ appeal.

Ria and I recently drove to Burlingame on a beautiful sunny day to check out Curry Up Now.  A food ‘venture that had been on the agenda for a while.  They now have a second truck (jealous!) that is parked in the Financial District at lunch time.  The food was vibrant and spicy and the proprietor very friendly and funny.  The wait was long but well worth it.  We were greedy, ordered too much, ate too much and felt just a little bit ill afterwards…..can’t wait to go back!

Do check out these trucks someday or have them cater your (kids b’day?) party!

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5 thoughts on “Taco-Truck Chasers!

  1. Holy cow those are making me hungry! (though are you sure that top one isn’t a burrito? ’cause it sure looks like one, and I swore never to eat another burrito after OD’ing at Fuqua :))

    And great idea for a party. Not so many taco trucks here in DC, but I think I may do an empanada variation!!

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