Super Delicious Apple-Mint Picnic Punch

At our recent de Young picnic, I made Giada de Laurentiis’ apple-mint punch which turned out to be super delicious. It’s summer in a cup: refreshing, not overly sweet, with a nice zippiness. The only problem was that I wished I had made more! I think doubling the recipe next time is most definitely in order and if you want to share with the kids, you can always substitute decaf tea. Here’s  a link to her original recipe.

In honor of so much yumminess, I made this little drawing. You can find out where where is Mr. Mint Leaf going with that snazzy, yellow umbrella by clicking on the picture!

17 thoughts on “Super Delicious Apple-Mint Picnic Punch

  1. The drawings are out of this world and amazed at the talent!!! The idea how it’s done is outstanding!!!! Just want to keep looking at Mr Mint!

  2. Wow – love the drawings! They are so creative and clever – cooking can be so fun and you’ve illustrated that perfectly! Keep up the good work gals! Can’t wait to see what you have cookin’ next…..

  3. Stacie! What an amazing drawing! I see a children’s book in your future. I think you should send this drawing to Giada’s people! She should be so flattered! Great job.

  4. This sounds so delicious – I will have to make it this summer when we’re in the hot Tahoe weather! Yum! The mint-leaf man with his cute lemon-umbrella are so adorable – I love the artwork (here, and on the entire website!!!).

  5. As others have stated, a children’s book must be in your future. You are SO talented! AMAZING work ladies…… I am LOVING this blog!!

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