Mushrooms and Coffee?

Mushrooms are not something that come to mind when you’re making a dash for your morning coffee. But my local Peet’s has recently started stocking a grow-your-own-mushroom kit that uses their recycled coffee grounds. “Just add water, and presto! roughly 20 mushrooms appear and are ready to eat in a week.”,  says the New York Times. (Here’s a photo of what your mushroom colony could look like.) Might make for an interesting family project. I bet a lot of kids would think it’s pretty cool especially since you get to start harvesting your mushrooms so quickly. I find myself at once intrigued and a little creeped out by the idea of DIY mushrooms so I’m still thinking this one over. Have you tried it? We’d love to hear how it went!

To start your career as a mushroom farmer, just head over to your friendly neighborhood Peet’s (Whole Foods or Andronicos) You can also pick up a mushroom grow kit online, direct from BTTR Ventures, the entrepreneurial effort of two recent Cal grads with a passion for sustainable food. Each week, they reclaim 7,000 pounds of grounds for their mushroom farming projects. BTW: The nice folks at Peet’s are pretty cool about sharing their grounds for your other compost/gardening needs, too.

Happy colonizing!

9 thoughts on “Mushrooms and Coffee?

  1. Hey Simran!

    This is Nikhil, one of the ‘mushroom guys’ from BTTR. I really appreciate all your support and enthusiasm for what we’re working on and especially the kits!

    Definitely try one out, and let us know what you think.



    • Keep doing what you’re doing. So cool…. Congrats on being in Peet’s, Whole Foods and Andronicos! Maybe we’ll get a bunch of friends to grow
      some mushrooms and do a mushroom week on our blog. We’ll see….

      • I am not a fan of mushrooms. I am also not a fan of fungus in general. Yes I am speciesist. If you leave me alone with them I cannot guarantee their safety. 😉

  2. I have wanted to grow my own mushrooms for a very long time. In my area we have a mushroom farmer that sells the soil. I drive past occasionally and longingly gaze as my head turns in passing. Hmm, someday…..sigh. I am going to your website to check out the coffee grounds mushrooms.

    • Cool that you have a local mushroom farmer who can help people get started. From what I can tell it’s not too hard, if you have the right soil and environment for growing. But the kit makes it super easy and I like the idea of recycling coffee grounds. Good luck!!!!

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