Pizzeria Avellino

Pizzeria Avellino specializes in thin crust New York Style Pizza.  That is a tough find in our city by the bay but Avellino comes pretty close.  Situated right outside the Lombard gate of the Presidio, this is the place to be on a sunny day for lunch.  Sit on the benches outside, enjoy the sun and dig into your pizza by the slice.  Perfect lunch for my little preschooler and her friends and then off to school (See you later!).  Ria has been a “pizza snob” from the start and it seems she instinctively knows good pizza from the not-so-good.  This she approves of and once in a while when the weather is beautiful and mummy doesn’t want to deal, we head to Avellino for a slice of New York!

Couple this little lunch gem with a run around in the Presidio.  Pay your respects to the Yoda statue in the Letterman complex and chase some birds in the ILM gardens.  Bring your bikes/tricycles if you feel so inclined. Great playdate for kids and moms!

Pizzeria Avellino on Urbanspoon

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