Soooo good! U-Pick Cherries in Brentwood

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We hadn’t made plans to go out of town and we woke up in the mood for cherries, so on a whim we ventured to the far reaches of the East Bay for a U-Pick adventure. It was a great weekend for cherries, the trees were absolutely loaded with fruit and nearly all of it was perfectly ripe. There were tons of families out there with us enjoying the beautiful spring day, picnicking, and of course picking some of the best cherries of the season. It seemed like we ate at least a pound or two right there on the spot and picked another ten pounds to bring home and to share with friends. I’m picturing cherries with some vanilla ice cream tonight for sure!! You’re guaranteed to see some cherry creations coming to A Little Yumminess in the coming days, so stay tuned….

Cherries will continue through June, then all the other stone fruit is just around the corner. Here’s a website with maps and info for U-Picking in Brentwood.

Simran loaned me her Flip video camera so here’s a little video from our day. Look at all that fruit!!!!

8 thoughts on “Soooo good! U-Pick Cherries in Brentwood

  1. I am SO excited that you posted this! Growing up on the East Coast, we always loved to go apple picking, etc….seems like out here, the opportunities for apple picking are slim, but I always forget that there are CHERRIES to be picked, and not too far away! What fun – can’t wait to see what you make with all those delicious gems!

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