Cherries From Heaven

Last weekend we went a little crazy picking cherries and wound up with a whopping ten pounds. The fruit was so gorgeous we probably could have happily nibbled away at them au naturel for breakfast, lunch and dinner until we reached the bottom of this heaping bowl. Instead we decided to do our own cherry challenge and see how many different ways we could enjoy them. Here are just a few that we came up with…

Clockwise from top left.

  • PB&J-inspired crostini. Almond butter, diced cherries and a drizzle of honey.
  • Pavlova with cherries, nectarines and vanilla whipped cream. Here’s the pavlova recipe I used from “The Joy of Baking” website. Takes a little while in the oven, but it’s super easy when you’re in the mood for a fun, light dessert.
  • Cherry and olallieberry cobbler with buttermilk dumplings from the wonderful 101 Cookbooks. These dumplings are not at all heavy or dry, my usual complaint. Heed Heidi’s advice to make the dumpling layer thin so it has a chance to cook through before it gets too brown on top.
  • Plain old cherries right off the tree. Definitely the best way to enjoy them.
  • Challah French Toast with fresh cherries and cherry puree. My college roommate Dani insists challah is the only bread for French Toast. I’m a believer. We got ours at House of Bagels on Geary. I just ran some pitted cherries through my food mill. No syrup required!
  • Cherries with yogurt and homemade granola. Granola recipe coming soon, we are addicted!

14 thoughts on “Cherries From Heaven

  1. Yum is right, all great ideas and beautiful photos, pavlovas are easy and always amaze guests……
    thanks you two !

  2. This post is killing me! Such gorgeous photos of all my favorite things: challa french toast, cobbler, and fresh cherries off the tree. The Norwegian cherry season is still at least a month away, so I’ll just have to sit tight. The Pavlova is especially pretty. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Wow, you really put all those cherries to wonderful use! And gosh, so beautiful! I haven’t had a good pavlova in years, now I want some. And, btw, congratulations on top 9!

  4. What great ideas. I bought some cherries on Saturday. They were on sale. So far I have eaten some out of hand. I want to do something else. I was thinking of making a bruschetta with ricotta and some cherries and maybe a bit of lemon balm from the garden.

    Your pictures are good enough to eat.

  5. The pic’s are gorgeous and what better way is there to eat cherries;0)
    I just cooked some today with sugar, let the jamie, marmaladie mixture cool, and then added it to swiss meringue for cupcakes….good shtuff hehe

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