Guest Post: Mother’s Day Brunch at Out the Door

We are the hugest fans of the newest Out the Door on Bush Street and are there practically every Saturday bright and early for breakfast.  My husband always gets the Pho and Ria and I share the rice porridge with a side of beignets.  For those of you unfamiliar with Asian chicken rice porridge – you just need to know that it is the ultimate comfort food and is often the first food fed to little ones.  I am searching for a good porridge recipe, so if you have one please do share it.

Out the Door transports me back home and satisfies me like very little else can.  A wonderful start to the weekend and a somewhat unconventional breakfast/brunch with kids.  But I promise you it works.  Get there early (which with kids is not tough) and I assure you this will go from a food ‘venture to a regular haunt.  My friend Stephanie, an intrepid world traveler took her kids to Out the Door for Mother’s Day brunch and everyone loved it.  Here’s her little write-up of our favorite weekend breakfast place.

Mother’s Day Brunch at Out the Door by Stephanie O’Brien

With our big Mother’s Day adventure to Napa – riding bikes and brunching at Bardessano foiled by the rain, we were determined to have some sort of an adventure with the kids! We opted out of our usual spots and ended up at Out The Door on Bush Street.

When I told my son we were in for a treat with a Vietnamese French breakfast he looked at me like, “huh?”  Then he replied, “If they have pannie cakes then I guess that’s ok.” I wasn’t too sure about the “pannie cakes”.  I told him they did, just to keep us moving.  Sure enough, they have some delicious “traditional” brunch offerings including some lovely ricotta and preserve pancakes and my personal favorite, beignets with Vietnamese coffee (they don’t combine the two so the kids are safe eating the warm, fresh out of the pan beignets!).  The real coup here, though, is the amazing Pho.  In Vietnam, Pho is the breakfast of choice and a must at Out The Door.  The kids both enjoyed a little bit of the Pho before I added the requisite spicy sauce and dug in!  They also enjoyed sitting up at the counter watching the cooks making all the noodle dishes, and, of course, their pannie cakes.

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6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Mother’s Day Brunch at Out the Door

  1. For those of you looking for another ‘venture in Asian breakfasts, a traditional Filipino breakfast of fried eggs, longanisa (Filipino-style longanisa is a “sweet” pork or chicken breakfast sausage) and garlic rice could hit the spot!

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