Cheap & Yum: We Heart This Green Onion Bun

Living in proximity to Clement Street as we do, dim sum, buns and bubble teas are the snackables in greatest supply. Luca and I often run in to grab something to tide us over or to take to the park for an impromptu picnic.

One day I caught a sidelong glimpse of these green onion buns from Clement Restaurant (Clement Street, Between 7th and 8th Avenue). I felt a little hunger pang, heard their siren call and so we popped in. $0.70 later we were enjoying one of the best buns in recent memory. I think the stars aligned, it was still warm from the oven, pillowy, sweet, savory… and did I mention crazy cheap? We’ve since returned and eaten more than our fair share of buns which were definitely good although maybe not quite so transcendent as our first. All in all an excellent bite for a mere $0.70. Luca gives this one two big thumbs up!

For nearby playing, Luca also suggests Mountain Lake Park. A low key park that stretches from Funston to 8th Avenue along Lake Street (you can enter the park from 12th or 9th Avenue).  Amenities include a playground (older play structure, but still fun), tennis courts, meandering walking trails, big grassy areas, half basketball court, covered “card” pavilion,  and one of San Francisco’s only natural fresh water lakes. By the playground (Funston end of the park) there’s an old-school cement slide that older kids will love (and bathrooms!). It’s a great place for running around, strollering, dog walking or, of course, enjoying your snacks from Clement street.

14 thoughts on “Cheap & Yum: We Heart This Green Onion Bun

    • I have never attempted asian style buns, although I have several great cookbooks that include recipes for them. This might be my opportunity to give it a go. I think the flavor combinations could be endless.

  1. Having lived on 7th & Lake for two years now, I can vouch for Mountain Lake Park, but I have def not been as adventurous about Clement St. Restaurants. Being a vegetarian, I walk past the various birds hanging upside down in the windows with blinders on. Not any more! Will find and eat the said bun! Thanks for another yummy idea.

  2. Mountain Lake is a great park–we sometimes bring our stale bread to feed the duckies and their winged friends…the lake’s water level sure is full this summer!

    • Feeding the ducks is definitely a favorite. Some days more seagull and pigeons, other days, ducks. Luckily my son doesn’t much care. Also we’ve begun exploring this corner of the presidio, there are some nice spots on the other side of Mountain lake. It’s all paved for easy strolling and walking — you feel like you’re a million miles from the city.

  3. OOO I heart this green onion bun too! Looks so good. I love green onions! Anything with an asian twist is a winner! Nice job! and yum yum yum yum yum (=

  4. I never thought I would get so excited about a bun! This looks so good, I wish I had the recipe for one. I guess I will just have to remember to visit there when I visit!

  5. Omg I live in the Richmond too. I was searching for recipes and ended up on your post. I LOVE THOSE BUNS. but the best ones are in Chinatown. They are HUGE and SO fluffy and delicious and so green oniony.

    I am going to try to make up a recipe based on the HK 45 degree milk recipe. I think that is what it is called. It’s a method of making the bread dough extremely hydrated before baking and it comes out fluffy. I guess I will do that and roll in a mixture of white pepper salt sesame oil and green onions and slices of tiny ham!

    • Judy, Oooh let me know how it turns out and if you recommend the recipe. I’ve been thinking about trying some internationally flavored buns. We always have a little of this and a little of that and a fluffy bun would make the perfect package for almost any flavor.

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