Condensed Milk Vanilla Ice-cream!

Condensed milk was a childhood favorite of mine.  I am so glad I (sort of) outgrew it.  I have fond memories of begging my mother for a spoon of cold condensed milk from the refrigerator as dessert.  She would make a can last forever and ration it out to me super slowly. (She was a good mother otherwise).  Somehow condensed milk is not as big in America as it is in Asian countries.  Strangely, my “American” kid is not so fond of it.  I tried to pass on my childhood addiction to her but it did not really work (go figure!).  However, this condensed milk ice-cream she did like….I may just be a little bit crazy to want her to like this super-sweet stuff :).

My ice-cream maker is getting a ton of use these days much to my visiting mother’s chagrin.  I think it is her fault for eating it all in one sitting and then blaming her grandchild for eating it.  Upcoming flavors I want to try are roasted banana, peach with cardamom and pineapple (mom doesn’t know).

I have been obsessing about making condensed milk vanilla ice-cream (inspired by this from NYTimes) for quite a while and finally pulled the trigger recently. I modified the recipe a little bit and thought I was headed for disaster but it worked out well.

If you like sweet, very sweet and if you like condensed milk, this is a must try.  It’s awesome, creamy-silky and incredibly sinful!  Serve it with salted roasted pecans for a nice counterpoint.

Condensed Milk Vanilla Ice-cream


1 cup cold heavy cream

1 tbsp pure vanilla extract

1 (14-oz) can cold sweetened condensed milk

1. Combine all ingredients and transfer to ice-cream maker and churn for 35-40 minutes

2. Transfer into a container with lid. Freeze at least 4 hours or overnight

Serve with roasted nuts…..and anything else you fancy.  Ice-cream sandwich anyone?

Taking good photos of ice-cream is impossible….this melting action took at most a minute.  I will make this again and be back with a better photo.  In the meantime, I need to finish some ice-cream!

34 thoughts on “Condensed Milk Vanilla Ice-cream!

  1. You’re killing me – slowly, with condensed milk and ice cream! I, too, have very fond memories of eating condensed milk with a spoon as a kid. Usually most of the can was used in a recipe, and then I got to clean out the can with a spoon.

    To this day, I love nothing better than stumbling upon a recipe that uses condensed milk, but not the entire can, so I can pretend to store it in the fridge for later use, but then just slowly demolish it with a spoon over a few days (or perhaps hours.)

    Can’t wait to try this! I had to clear a space in my freezer to store my ice cream bucket permanently, so it could be ready at a moments notice!).

    Adding you to my blogroll – thanks for all of the inspiration!

    • I am also adding you to our blogroll….I was just thinking of adding you earlier today and wishing you lived in the Bay Area! Great minds think alike esp. when it comes to ice-cream!

      • I used to travel to SF frequently with my old job, and I adore it there! I love nothing more than spending an entire Saturday at the farmer’s market and Ferry Building.

        Now I’m home with the kiddos, but I hope to get back someday!

  2. Yummo! These morsels of pure unadulterated pleasure break right through the calorific stratosphere even when you’re on a diet 😉

  3. This looks like a great ice cream recipe to try! I have my ice cream maker bucket in the freezer as I write…looking forward to more ice cream recipe ideas…thanks!

  4. Oh my goodness, it’s like you read my mind this weekend! I was tweeting the other day how I could just eat a whole can of condensed milk all by myself. I haven’t…but I probably could! I used it in a cheesecake that I made and I left a lot clinging to the sides of the can so I could claim the “scraps” for myself 🙂

    I will definitely try this ice cream – so simple and delicious!

  5. Believe me guys!….this condensed milk ice cream is out of this world!!!! once you try it….you might get addicted to it!!!!
    I loved it even more with pecans!

  6. I used to love sweetened condensed milk when I was a kid too! Whenever my mom would open a can I would sneak a spoonful. This ice cream looks and sounds divine. Can’t wait to try it!!

  7. now this one looks yummy! i love condensed milk 🙂 where i’m at, we spread it on plain white loaf and enjoy it already. moreso as ice cream! will try this one for sure 🙂

  8. I’m wondering how the dulce de leche you make from a cooked can of condensed milk would work in this recipe?

  9. Aha…I really love this post. I love condensed milk…never grow out of it. I made condensed milk mango ice cream recently…really creamy and delicious.

  10. How easy is this?! The most arduous part of ice-cream making is making the custard base and getting it cold enough to put into the ice cream maker… easily a two-day process. I’ve GOT to try this method.

    Re: photographing ice cream… the more fat there is in something the less solidly it freezes, so that might be why you had such quick melt. Glad you didn’t sacrifice fat for photography!

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  12. Hi there, if you find it too sweet, you could also add a tin of evaporated milk. I use carnation. It’ll still be creamy and milky, but less sweet. Just a suggestion 🙂

  13. Hi There … When you all talk about “condensed milk”, you are talking about the stuff we always called “sweetened condensed milk”, right? Evaporated milk is not the same thing. So, what do you think about a recipe that would take equal amounts of sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk, skip the heavy cream, and use a cup of smooth yogurt. At that point, all that is needed is the flavoring. I am going to use a package of amaretto flavored cappuccino. I have no idea what I will get. But, I will get back to you on this.

    By the way, I have learned from experience that the colder everything is when you start, the better the end result is. So, I make my mix in a stainless steel bowl that has been in the freezer overnight, along with the ice cream machine bowl. Then maybe an hour or a little less I put all the rest of everything in the freezer. I mix in the cold stainless bowl, and put the mixture back in the freezer to chill it again. Then it goes in the ice cream machine mixer but for only 15 or 20 minutes and then … you guessed it … back in the freezer for an hour or so. Finally, it runs until finished. The secret is to keep everything cold. You wouldn’t have to do this if you made ice-cream out of doors in Duluth in the winter.

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  15. This looks insanely good! Oh my word. Condensed milk is my absolute favourite I’ve been searching for a good recipe for condensed milk ice-cream all day

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  17. This is my recipe. You don’t have to use organic, but we have a great organic dairy near here.
    1 pint heavy whipping cream, 1 pint half & half (or 2 pints heavy cream for very rich ice cream), 1 tsp vanilla, 1/4 teaspoon almond flavoring (optional), 1 cup sugar. You can add some mashed fruit, peaches are especially good and canned is fine. Must be mashed or the frozen bits will be hard to chew. That’s it. To die for. Just heat a cup of the cream in microwave (I use a large Pyrex measuring cup), dissolve sugar in that, then add the rest of the ingredients and put in ice cream maker. I chill the container before freezing.

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