Taco Tuesday Party!

Inspired by my friend Ritu and her family’s weekly tradition of “Taco Tuesdays”, we decided to make our own. Ritu gave me a McCormick Taco seasoning mix packet which is pretty good but if you want to save some money, you can make your own “taco seasoning” with cumin, coriander, chilli powder (optional), oregano, salt and pepper.  Kids enjoy assembling their own food and this could be a fun birthday party food idea, followed by make-your-own ice-cream sundaes.  That’s my kind of party :).  Maybe we can do this for MY birthday party – why should Ria have all the fun?

Tacos are all the rage these days, and you can put almost anything in a taco – even Indian or Chinese food.   Tacos are a great vehicle for almost any kind of leftover.  I am dying to try the Kogi Korean Taco Truck in Southern California.  May have to make them at home soon since SoCal is a ways away.  Just need a good recipe for bulgogi, kimchee and some Asian slaw……

To get Ria interested in meals we sometimes call a regular meal a “party”.  All you need is a catchy name for the party, some music (Bollywood music in our case), silly dancing to work up an appetite and enthusiasm!  Here are some ideas for fillings which I made recently for a “Taco Tuesday Party”.

  • Ground turkey fried with taco seasoning
  • Sauteed spinach/chard
  • Sauteed cubed zucchini with onions & oregano, topped with parmesan cheese
  • Sauteed mushrooms with chilly flakes, salt & pepper.  (Ria doesn’t eat mushrooms so we can make this one spicy)
  • Black beans (out of can) made with onions, garlic, taco seasoning and a bay leaf
  • Guacamole – I make ours out of cubed avocado, oregano, salt, pepper and lots of lemon/lime juice
  • Queso fresco – my new favorite cheese.  You can use feta but queso fresco is available at most regular grocery stores
  • Sour cream or yogurt
  • Salsa.  Our current favorite is from Papalote in the Mission.  This stuff is GOOD!!  Even Bobby Flay thinks so.  It is making its way into everything.  Think grilled cheese sandwiches with this salsa.  You can make your own or use any store-bought favorite you fancy.  Another, item Ria does not like so we can have it spicy.  Here’s a photo of the Papalote salsa to get your mouth watering.  If you live in the Bay Area – you have to get some.

Go ahead and throw your own taco party and let us know how it goes!

12 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday Party!

  1. A few suggestions on Korean tacos —

    If you are willing to come downtown for lunch, try John’s Snack and Deli – http://www.snackanddeli.com/

    Very popular so come early (with cash!) or be prepared to wait – no seating, so you may want to wait for warmer weather.

    I’ve heard there is another place in SF that does Korean burritos/tacos, but not sure of the name.

    If you want to venture to the East Bay, have fun at Koreana Plaza – around 25th and Telegraph in Oakland. They sell pre-marinated Korean meats and more prepped kinds of Kimchee/panchan that you can shake a stick at. I love just browsing the aisles there!

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