Sunny Summer Corn

We look forward to the arrival of sweet, summer corn all year. Mostly we eat it on the cob, au naturale. Luca likes to use corn holders and pretend he’s riding a motorcycle. When we come across particularly appealing ears of corn at the market, I can’t resist buying them by the dozen and adding fresh corn to pizza, salads, soups, pretty much everything we’re eating.

Last summer I came across a genius recipe for “Corn and Lobster Ravioli in a Corn Broth” from the book Charlie Trotter Cooks at Home. The genius is in the broth which uses no stock, just kernels, cobs, a few herb sprigs and water. The resulting broth is so light and summery, yet very flavorful — the very essence of  sunny summer corn in a bowl. The simplicity of this dish makes it very kid-friendly too.

Summer Corn and Lobster Ravioli in A Corn Broth

(adapted from Charlie Trotter Cooks at Home)

Shopping List: 10 ears of corn, several shallots, fresh herbs, several ounces of cooked lobster (or substitute shrimp, ricotta or your favorite ravioli fillings), won ton wrappers, butter

Making the Broth:

  • Cut the kernels from 10 ears of corn, reserve half for the ravioli.
  • Add the cobs, the other half of the kernels, a few sprigs of fresh herbs (such as Bay Leaf or lemon thyme). Cover with water.
  • Simmer for 1 hour then strain. Return broth to the pot to reduce  by one third to on half to intensify the flavor. Season to taste.

Making the Ravioli

  • Saute a minced shallots with the corn kernels in butter until tender, then mash them up a bit (or puree about half the mixture).
  • Stir in chopped cooked lobster and taste for seasoning. (You could substitute shrimp, make it vegetarian using well-drained ricotta or any other filling you like. Just make sure the mixture is not too wet.)
  • Fill each won ton skin with about a one tablespoon of filling, push out any air pockets and seal the edges well using a little water.
  • Boil ravioli in well salted water for several, then drain.
  • Place a few ravioli into each bowl and ladle some of the hot corn broth over. Garnich with more fresh herbs.
  • Freeze extra ravioli in a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. When they are frozen through, transfer them to an air tight container.

This would make a great first course for a special dinner, or something light and lovely on a day when you come across some gorgeous summer corn and have time to let something bubble away on the stove. It takes a little time, but none of the steps are much of a hassle.

7 thoughts on “Sunny Summer Corn

  1. Yes, corn makes really good soup base. My grandma always put a couple of ears of sweet corn to “sweeten” her broth together with some bones.

    That said, making broth without bones and just sweet corn – it’s definitely an eye-opener. 🙂 Great recipe you’ve got there!

  2. Wow, this looks like my type of meal! I love the corn and the ravioli looks so good. I love how your son uses the corn as if he’s riding a motorcycle, so cute (=

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