Pre-Game Grilled Cheese

The other night we were making our way to AT&T Park to see the Giants vs. the Dodgers. Our walk took us right by the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in South Park where they were grilling up classic grilled cheese, street-side, to the pre-game crowd. Just say — YUM! Let’s just say that Luca had no trouble convincing us to grab one to snack on for the road. (I love how there’s a guy actually videotaping the sandwiches: a grilled cheese super fan perhaps?)

Now that we’ve sampled their wares, I promised Luca that we will get back to the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen for lunch or breakfast sometime soon  — and in the meantime we will definitely borrow some of their sandwich combinations to make at home.

If you find yourself around these parts, eating grilled cheese or visiting some of the other lovely South Park shops or cafes, there’s a nice little playground smack dab in the grassy center of the South Park oval. Great for wiggly kids or eating al fresco on a sunny day. A fun place for San Francisco history buffs, too. South Park was built in 1852 and modeled after a square in London and is one of the few parts of the ritzy Rincon Hill neighborhood to survive the 1906 earthquake.

And just for fun, some grilled cheese links:

8 thoughts on “Pre-Game Grilled Cheese

  1. You know what’s funny – the other night I dreamt that I was ironing a yummy grilled cheese sandwich. I guess I really do love grilled cheese. That’s so cool they were just grillin up sandwiches street side. Thanks for sharing the grilled cheese links!

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