6 thoughts on “Nostalgia: Wright’s Pink Popcorn (and White-Chocolate Popcorn Recipe)

  1. Wow this popcorn looks so interesting and delicious. I think my family will love it. I used to make pink popocorn with strawberry chocolate bars and it was a hit… i think this recipe will be popular, too 🙂

  2. Strawberry-chocolate would be good for sure! Everyone in my family loves popcorn, so I think we will start experimenting with sweet and salty variations. The packaged version (“Wright’s”) is really pretty terrible, but it’s one of those things that conjures up memories of fun childhood days and that’s why I love it!

  3. Stow Lake has been home to boating recreation since 1893 (117 years)… Wreck & Park’s proposal is to turn it into a restaurant and tourist trap with souvenirs and relegate the boats to the parking lot level. It’s a boathouse! The snack bar has always been secondary. It would be like saying we should turn SF has plenty of cafes/eateries and already too much tourist junk…. There is only one Golden Gate Park with only one boathouse!!

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