Wild Blackberries

Ria and her papa spent a part of the past weekend picking wild blackberries in the Presidio.  They were both over-zealous and we now have more berries than I know what to do with.  I transformed some into a dark, luscious, tart and shiny blackberry sauce as a topping for vanilla ice-cream.  Instant blackberry ice-cream.  Any other ideas/recipes?  Please, do share.  A simple blackberry crisp, perhaps?  We have bagged and frozen a bunch of them and I plan to pull these berries out in the dead of winter and make a super summery dish as a wistful reminder of warmer weather.

Apparently these berries are a late summer treat that grow all over Northern California.  We are lucky to have these growing wild in San Francisco’s backyard, the Presidio.  It’s doesn’t get more local than this.  Or freer for that matter – that might be why my sweeties picked so many.  If you can brave the thorny bushes and the risk of being stained by these black and juicy jewels, find some blackberry bushes close to you and have some fun with the kids!

Blackberry Sauce


2 cups wild blackberries

1/4 cup sugar (or less if you like the tartness)


Heat berries and sugar in a small heavy bottomed saucepan for 3-4 minutes.  Serve warm or cold on ice-cream.  Mix into Greek or regular yogurt.  Blackberry sauce and pancakes.  Blackberry sauce and peanut butter sandwich? The possibilities are endless.

16 thoughts on “Wild Blackberries

  1. growing up we had fields of wild blackberries next to our house, and I would pick flats of them to sell as well as eat…..Blackberry will always be my favorite jam! Thanks for the memories!!

  2. We used to live in one place where the back yard was a hill of blackberry bushes. The berries used to grow as long as my thumb and really black in color. They made the tastiest Blackberry Jelly! It is one of the things I have missed most since moving from there.

  3. I spent years in the Pacific Northwest and had the gloves, the long clippers and other gear to pick these too. The best a baked tart shell, line it with custard (be generous), add the blackberries on top until you can no longer see the custard, then put a jelly glaze over it. If you are busy, buy a premade shell, bake it, add vanilla pudding out of the box and add the fruit. Good as smaller tarts too.

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