Ici Ice-Cream Rocks!

There is always a line out the door at Ici Ice-Cream in Berkeley – it is just a question of how long the line is (don’t let that deter you, you won’t regret the wait).  There are times when the line is better – weekday afternoons which works great if you want to take the kids on a summer adventure to Berkeley or after school.  Having grown up in Singapore I have come to associate long lines with great food and I never walk away from an establishment that has a crowd trying to get in.  Drives my hubby insane but he is starting to buy my theory.

This little gem of a shop is one of our favorite places to get ice-cream.  Even my father who is opposed to fancy gourmet (read: pricey) food loves this place and actually professes his admiration out loud.  What we like best is that this ice-cream, aside from having great flavor, texture, the perfect amount of sugar, feels kind of light.  No after ice-cream heaviness here and no regrets for having eaten it.

We love the interior of the shop (once you finally get in) – it’s white, cool, immaculately clean and simple and almost a “reward” for enduring the line.   They are happy to let you sample and then decide what you want.  I am known to get to the front of ice-cream lines and freeze (words literally don’t come out of my mouth) because I can’t decide what I want (it’s tough when you want everything!).  Ria is steadfast in her love of chocolate concoctions .

Ici is run by a former chef from Chez Panisse and features fresh market flavors and some unique twists.  On our last visit they had orange-rosemary toffee and candied meyer lemon.  We went for the relatively “safe” options of milk chocolate caramel and caramel pecan.  Ici always has a couple of ice-cream sandwiches, bons-bons and bombes – how can you go wrong with bons-bons and bombes!  The best part and worth every extra penny and then some are the home-made cones – thin, crispy, light and with a little chocolate surprise at the bottom.  Ria and I shared one and towards the end I forgot I was her mother and we were fighting over the last bites with the chocolate.  My parents had to intervene and remind me that I was an adult and it was okay if she ate a little bit more cone than me.  Maybe, you shouldn’t go to Ici with your kids. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Ici Ice-Cream Rocks!

  1. Sounds like the kind of food fight I have with my husband! His one bite always turns into half of whatever I’m eating. I’ve never been there but the ice cream sounds great. Great combination of flavors just like in the Chez Panisse series of cookbooks.

  2. This place sounds heavenly…I wish I lived in the neighborhood..I would be heading straight to the candied lemon flavor!

  3. Oh! Chez Panisse say no more… I would stay in line forever. LOL
    It’s a shame they are not here in LA. All the coolest stuff is in SF. I’m kinda bummed. LOL

  4. Too bad, I’m too far away from Ici. 😦 Orange-rosemary toffee and candied meyer lemon….oh my…the names are enough to make my knees weak…let alone trying them for real.

    By the way, it’s hard not to compete for the last bite especially the ice cream is to die for. Ice cream makes you do crazy stuff, I tell ya! 😛

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