Roam – Artisan Burgers

We are always on the look-out for new places to try with Ria.  Part of getting kids to eat new things is not just exposing them to new foods at home but also new restaurants and other food related adventures.  We discovered the recently opened Roam Burger and it is a great place for lunch before or after school or even a family dinner.  Service was a little distracted when we were there but that could be because ABC News was there shooting a segment.

Their food is made fresh with “mindful ingredients” which have been carefully sourced from a select groups of purveyors.  There are grass-fed beef burgers along with free-range turkey and bison burgers and also a veggie burger.  They offer some appealing sides and salads and a very reasonably priced kids meal.  There is no diet coke – how can you have a burger without Coke? – but there are some artisan sodas with some interesting flavors like caramelized pineapple and prickly pear.  Adults can have wine and beer with their meal in a fun, casual setting.  There is an outdoor space out front which in SF is usually too cold to take advantage of.

We didn’t get to try the Straus Family Creamery Shakes which can be made with ice-cream or non-fat frozen yogurt in flavors such as green tea, passion fruit, pomegrante blueberry, salted caramel along with the traditional flavors.  For a small additional fee you can added bruleed marshmallow to your milkshake.  I don’t get marshmallows but Ria does and I am sure she will love it! We’ll be back for sure – there are some milkshakes with our name on them waiting for us to come back!

3 thoughts on “Roam – Artisan Burgers

  1. My son loves burgers, he actually won’t eat any vegetables because he says he is not a “Vegetarian” (like his mother). Where is this place?

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