What’s Up With This Lobster Candy?

A trip to a Russian market always promises fun and adventure. We’re not too familiar with Eastern European cuisine and at least at the markets we go to, everything is in Russian — you’ll see no English translation whatsoever. It’s a mysterious wonderland of new smells and sights. I’m intrigued by the sausages and smoked fish, the pickled items, dumplings and baked goods. We usually pick one thing we’ve never tried before and bring it home to experiment. One day we’ll get around to doing some proper culinary research.

Luca and I stopped by one of these markets not too long ago. This particular one had a very extensive selection of festively wrapped candies which of course caught Luca’s eye immediately. We selected a few lollipops and fruity types. Then we spied these tucked in amongst the rest. Of course we HAD to get some. They have a lobster on the wrapper. A lobster! Candy and lobster seem like two things that should never, ever go together which intrigued us greatly. Would they be briney or seafood-y? Candied bouillon, perhaps? Could they be a new candy taste sensation or taste truly awful?

We kept them on the counter for a while, just kind of contemplating them. Then my friend Rachel came by last night and asked “Hey, what’s up with that lobster candy?”. So we finally cracked one open only to find that they were pretty much like a regular old butterscotch hard candy with a slightly chewier interior. Although tasty, quite a disappointment and a totally unsatisfactory resolution of our burning question…. “what’s up with the lobster?”

See for yourself. Stop by New World Market on Geary between 20th and 21st to grab some stuffed cabbage leaves, perogi, pickles or black bread… and don’t forget to grab some lobster candy for dessert!

8 thoughts on “What’s Up With This Lobster Candy?

  1. That’s funny how people try to trick you all the time. Probably without the lobster trick it wouldn’t sell anything. I never been to a Russian market, it sounds interesting. Have a great weekend.

    • If you’re in the Outer Richmond in SF — check this one out. It’s a cool market, lots of interesting things. Even being an adventurous eater, there’s still so many new things to see and try!

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