Readers Cafe @ Fort Mason

Fort Mason just keeps drawing us back and is becoming an increasingly fun destination in San Francisco for families.  First the Sunday Farmer’s Market, then Off the Grid and also the Fort Mason Adventure we had there last spring break and now the Readers Cafe right by the Fort Mason Book Bay run by Friends of the SF Public Library.

Stacie and I recently met up there for a little catch-up and playdate.  While Luca and Ria busied themselves with the kids’ books, Stacie and I enjoyed some Blue Bottle Coffee and a delicious, chewy and moist granola bar.  I am not a fan of granola bars (usually too try for my liking) but this one is pretty awesome and almost chewy cookie-like.  Readers Cafe features a rotating menu with dishes from La Cocina businesses including our favorite alfajores.  They will soon be adding empanadas to their list of goodies.

The cafe is compact and if you sit at one of the tables closer to the bookstore side you can relax and check your emails (free wireless!) while the kids look over the books in the kids’ section.   Great stop after school for a snack and a quick activity.  You may end up having to buy the kids a book but it is for a good cause.  There is ample parking and once you are done with the cafe and bookstore you can run around outside and wear the little kiddos out.

3 thoughts on “Readers Cafe @ Fort Mason

  1. We love Readers Cafe! The worst that happens is that you buy a few books. The boys love exploring the “airplane” outside, which it turns out is an amphitheater fashioned out of old car hoods!

  2. We went by today — they are adding some new menu items… We had a very tasty “Ceasar” muffin from a local baker called Goodie Goody (lemon, poppyseed with morello cherry compote). I noticed that have happy hour with some nice beer and wine selections for us big kids.

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