We ♥ Yamo’s Cold Noodles

The other Saturday we had absolutely no plans which is quite unusual for us. It was getting to be about lunch time, the sun was out and our tummies were rumbling. That means just one thing — time for a family food adventure! We headed straight to the Mission District. Serendipitously, there was no line at Yamo (teeny, tiny, Chinese-Burmese, cheap eats hole in the wall) so we grabbed a couple of the 8 or so stools at the counter, put Luca on our laps and tucked into some Burmese tea leaf salad and these tasty cold noodles. Just the right thing on a hot day. We checked out the hipster scene at Dolores Park and then capped things off with iced coffee from my #1 favorite caffeine stop, Philz,  just a short ways up 18th street. Buonissimo!

  • Yamo Cold Noodles (“cold noodles mixed with house special flavor, onions, cabbage, cucumber, and chicken”)  — Enjoy them at Yamo for a mere $5.25. I’m eager to try re-creating these at home. Got any favorite cold noodle recipes Yumminess readers?
  • Here’s a video that pretty much captures the vibe that is Dolores Park on a sunny day. The view of the city from the top slope of the park is one of the best vistas in San Francisco!

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