Junky Food Adventure: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

There’s a time and a place for junk food. There are moments when a corn dog and cotton candy are almost required eating. Like on a visit to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for instance. Or eating leftover cake and ice cream for breakfast the day after your birthday. We make it a point to hit the Boardwalk at least once during the summer to get our fill of Skee Ball, Roller Coasters and Salt Water Taffy. I’m all for healthful, balanced eating, but sometimes you just gotta go off the grid!

3 thoughts on “Junky Food Adventure: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

  1. Agreed. The Board Walk is a fun place. I believe that the “Food Adventure” needs an overhaul. Fun foods can be yummy AND GMO free and Healthy. I would love to see Strauss Organic soft serve and other vendors take a shot at providing yummy treats there.
    My 2 cents:-)

  2. How fun. Haven’t been to the boardwalk in so long…seems like a rule that you have to eat junk food in a place like that. Plus being by the ocean makes everything taste even better!

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