Video Post: Hawaiian Big Island Food Adventure

A little video sharing a few of our favorite bites on our trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. I forgot to take a picture of the ahi poke and ocean salad — probably because I was too busy eating it!!! Poke is definitely our favorite thing to eat in Hawaii (at least as far as mom and dad are concerned). Luca’s favorite? ….. the shave ice, which is no surprise at all.

11 thoughts on “Video Post: Hawaiian Big Island Food Adventure

  1. Thanks for a quick trip to Paradise, it was a nice reprieve while I bang my head on my computer doing month end numbers!

  2. What a fun video – very “professional”! Of course, when we travel it is all about food as well! Excited about visiting Hawaii now!

  3. Nice slide show! I miss the big island so much . My dad used to live there (on the Hilo side). My parents are from Oahu, and I love going there and sampling all the wonderful food like the ones you mentioned: the amazing tropical fruit, the saimen, the bentos, the shave ice. I think if I lived there, I would definitely have to wear a muu muu because I wouldn’t be able to stop eating everything!! Hope you had a wonderful time — it looks like you did. 🙂

  4. We had a blast — already thinking our our next trip back. I love Philz coffee here in SF and am going to try to convince them to do the coffee ice cubes in their iced coffee. I also just got a good tip on fresh fish so I see some Poke in our future too. Hmm. now all we’re missing is the surf, beaches, volcanoes and beautiful island flora!!!

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