Jam, Toast and Tea

We’ve got jam on the brain here at Casa Stacie. “Bread and Jam for Francis” has been in heavy rotation on our nap time story  list, we made apple-pear butter the other day, and a batch of tomato conserva before that. Lately, Luca and I have been sneaking little snacks of toast, jam and tea in the afternoon.  It might just be the feeling of fall in the air, but we’ve decided that jam is the yummiest, coziest food ever.

For tea time, we like Kids Teas made by Traditional Medicinals. Mild and made with herbal combinations like peppermint and chamomile, they are kid-friendly and tasty enough for adults to enjoy too. Most importantly, Luca gives a big thumbs up (especially if he gets to drink his from a perfectly-kid-sized espresso cup).

I’m thinking our new tea time routine calls for a good scone recipe. We never make them because we love to stop by  John Campbell’s Irish Bakery, but I think we’re ready to give scones a try at home. Got a great scone or teatime recipe to share?

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