Hey There Popsicle!

Welcome to the “Popsicle Hut” (or “what happens when Stacie gets a hold of Luca’s craft supplies”). One of the best things about being a parent is having that extra excuse to indulge your silly side. Like spending a whole evening making a popsicle stick snack shack for instance.

I wish I could claim this as an original idea, but it’s based on a project from Martha Stewart.com along with some other pretty cool popsicle stick creations. The instructions are a little lacking, but in a way, I prefer that. It invites you to make the project your own. We actually had the most fun of all making teeny popsicles out of the project scraps — and thinking up funny flavors like Luca’s favorite, cherry eyeball surprise. [A popsicle fun fact: Did you know the popsicle was invented in 1905 in San Francisco by eleven year old Frank Epperson? It’s an interesting story you can read more about here.]

We have grand visions of a whole popsicle stick town, but in the meantime, playing popsicle hut is keeping us awfully busy. Tutti Frutti Sparkle or Super Lime Fantastic anyone?

8 thoughts on “Hey There Popsicle!

  1. This is AMAZING! What a fun project with the little ones. And who doesn’t like popsicles? Interesting that they were invented in foggy San Francisco…

  2. omg I’ve already sent the link of this post to my husband. He is the biggest fan of popsicles I’ve ever met and we both are super silly people. I’m sure in 5 minutes he will call me from downstairs telling me he wants to make this hut! Way too cute

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