Because Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Have a Donut

Once in a while we wake up Saturday morning with the hankering for a donut.

If you’re having a donut moment and are in the vicinity of Polk Street in San Francisco, stop in at Bob’s Donuts (Polk Between Sacramento & Clay). It’s nothing fancy, but oh so yum! They keep it real with their classic, old-school donuts. As much as I appreciate the fancy versions they’re serving up at places like Dynamo Donut in the Mission (cardamon-peach, maple-bacon…), we always come back to the classic.

On a clear, sunny Saturday you can’t do much better than a Bob’s glazed donut, a cup of coffee  and (a long-ish walk or short bike ride or drive) down to Aquatic Park to watch the swimmers, joggers and cyclists and take in some great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Hyde Street Pier (Part of the SF Maritime National Historical Park) has a great collection of historic ships and is a fab place to continue your stroll.

Aquatic Park Photo by www78

If you’ve got a hot donut tip to share wherever you live, let us know! ..and for you donut fans, here’s a cool Wikipedia article about donuts around the world. Happy Saturday!

4 thoughts on “Because Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Have a Donut

  1. Sundays are our “donut days” here in Jersey.. It has become a tradition on Sunday mornings for the fellow and I to go to “Ob Co’s Donuts”.. it is located in Toms River NJ, and they have THE BEST donuts! They open at 6 am, and close when they sell out-in the summer you need to get there before 9am to get your favorites!!

    great post!

  2. We are the big fan of doughnuts…. every Sunday we have a quick trip to a nearby college confectionary store where they offer a fresh & hot doughnuts. They are so quite addictive 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the donuts around the world link! I really enjoy it 🙂

  3. Thank you, now I am craving a donut! 🙂
    And Dynamo Donuts… I’m so jealous you have it nearby. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while, but I live in LA.

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