Salami Obsession

On one of our regular visits to Hayes Valley, we checked out the recently opened Fatted Calf store.  If you are going to eat salami, it might as well be the best possible.  Ria and I spent a good amount of time putzing around the store salivating over the meats and salamis.  Ria is the only child I know who begs that you buy her stuff at a charcuterie/butcher shop.  Fatted Calf also sells artisan pastas, pasture raised eggs, cheese and a bunch of other little yummy things like pickles and butter that make it tough to leave the store without a few extra purchases aside from your cured meats.  We enjoyed our samples and left with salami, eggs and some local Andante Dairy cheeses.

I am a huge salami fan.  One of my favorite memories growing up, is staying up late over the summer break and watching trashy Hindi movies (it’s pretty amazing what I was allowed to watch) with my mom and eating a “midnight snack” of a salami sandwich with a mango juice box (yay!) or milk.  It was a simple, open-faced sandwich consisting of crusty wholewheat bread, a slice of Kraft cheese and a thick slice of peppery, garlic salami – all toasted in a small oven and topped with Tabasco sauce.  Part of the sandwich’s appeal might have been the fact that is was served at midnight.  I shared this story with Ria and we made a version of this sandwich, sans Tabasco, together.  It was so much fun giving her a little insight into my childhood and sharing something I considered a treat with her especially since she was so into both the story and sandwich. 🙂

We also grabbed a meatball sandwich from Fatted Calf and walked over to the little sliver of a green space/playground at the corner of Hayes and Octavia.  It was a beautiful November Day – one that makes you think we live in the best city in world – shared our sandwich and enjoyed looking at the giant metal sculpture of a woman with long hair leaning back.  Ria managed to sneak in some climbing time on the play structure and made friends with a little boy who was there with his grandfather.  In spite of not speaking the same language they managed to have a fun time together.  The perfect little outing and the beginning of our salami obsession (we have been back to Fatted Calf several times since).

Now there is all the more reason to stop by at Fatted Calf. Every Wednesday from 5.30 to 7pm Fatted Calf will be hosting a “Pork Happy Hour” with drinks, custom cuts and snacks.

9 thoughts on “Salami Obsession

  1. Have you tried Fatted Calf’s beef jerky? Heavenly, if such a word is appropriate for dried meat. I spend an absurd amount of money on the stuff, and now my little one has turned into an addict.

  2. I just had sudden-onset-Muffaletta-craving…must run into the City! When I was a kid, my mom would take me to Petrini’s to sample some of the sliced meats in the vast deli case. This was pre-salumi, but very much along the same lines. Loved the post. ‘An

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