Upcoming Kiddie and Family Foodie Events

It that time of the year when food is almost on everyone’s mind.  We’ll all regret it in January and make resolutions to work out, eat better, eat less and the list goes on (at least for me it does).  However, while we are at it – the “over-indulging” that is – might as well check out some of the fun family-friendly foodie events coming up in San Francisco.

Holiday Cookie Swap at Seesaw
Thurs 12/9 – 4 to 5 pm
more details at: http://seesawsf.com/

Make cookies with your little ones and build your own fabulous holiday cookie plate. A sweet tooth soirée! Cookies of all shapes, sizes, and origins will be exchanged.  Join us (we are co-hosting with Seesaw) with 2-4 dozen of your favorite holiday cookies to swap with your fellow parents and kiddos and leave with a beautiful and delicious cookie assortment! I am saving my tray for our annual holiday party! Do RSVP to seesawsf@gmail.com

I am a bit nervous about this one since I am not really a cookie baker.  Ria is all fired up about this event and I am frantically looking for a simple cookie recipe.  Do send us one and help me out :).

18 Reasons Events – for more details and ticket prices where applicable check out http://www.18Reasons.org

SWAP: Homemade Family Dinner
When: Sun, December 12, 4:30pm – 5:00pm
Where: 18 Reasons

This is awesome event and we did a little food swap with our friends a few months back and have been hooked since.  Stacie and I have attended the past two family food swaps at 18 Reasons and ended up with some delicious dishes for the whole week.  I love the idea of cooking a big batch on a Sunday and swapping it with other families and having an easy, relaxing week where I can pursue my other interests (aside from cooking?).  Last time we had dishes like chicken with saffron rice with zucchini pancakes, tofu and vegetable curry, pumpkin ravioli, Moroccan chicken and beef stew with salad.  Definitely an event that is worth checking out and a good time to have an easy cooking week before the holiday “craziness” kicks in.

Non-disposable Wrapping and Gift Family Workshop
When: Sun, December 12, 1pm – 3pm
Where: 18 Reasons

At this this hands-on demonstration Molly de Vries will teach you and your little ones how to wrap gifts in eco-friendly and beautiful cloth that the recipient can use over and over in different ways! The cloth Molly uses is called Furoshiki which is traditionally known in Japan as gift wrapping and can be used a napkin, a grocery bag, or carrying cloth to name a few. The best combo is to use Furoshiki to wrap a homemade present. So bring a jar of homemade preserves, a fresh loaf of bread, or your favorite holiday cookies in a recycled tin and learn how to make them look stunning wrapped in Furoshiki.  Suitable for children ages 7 and older

Healthy Holiday Treats with Zoe and Deb
When: Sat, December 11, 2pm – 4pm
Where: 18 Reasons

Cooking with your kids is fun and gets them more interested in food.  Join personal chef and mom Zoe Philips and certified nutritionist Deb Zambetti for a 2 hour hands-on cooking class for grown-ups and kids, and walk away with the tools needed to fuel your celebrations with some healthy treats.  Suitable for children ages 5-12.  It is tough to find a cooking class with kids and parents together and this will be great bonding experience!

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Kiddie and Family Foodie Events

  1. Wish we were there for all these fun events! Boys really love being in the kitchen now I wish I could say the same about their mom. I was instructed this morning to make cocoa pebbles brownie treats for Arman’s playdate this afternoon…lets see if that happens.

    • Cocoa pebble brownie treats – is that a recipe from the back of the box? How about throwing in the cocoa pebbles into a boxed brownie mix? Then again, don’t listen to me, I have had some baking “errors” this week.

  2. San Fran seems like such a great foodie town. Most of the foodbloggers I see are in CA! Enjoy these wonderful events and just give in to the season of over-indulgence. That’s what it’s for!

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