Craft Project: Ria’s Fruit Box

Our craft projects are no where near as cool, or as creative as Stacie’s but sometimes we get “crafty” and inspired to do something with my limited artistic ability.  This hopefully inspires those of you out there who are “craft-impaired” like me to do a food-related crafting project with your kids.

This “Fruit Box Project” (Ria’s favorite word these days – everything is a “project”.  Getting her to brush her teeth is a “project” for me) was a fun learning experience.  We took our camera to Whole Foods and snapped photos of fruits together.  Alternatively, you can cut pictures of fruits from periodicals that you are done with.  We learned the names of the fruits and Ria got to practice her writing, cutting and sticking skills.  She also learned about recycling since we used a box we received some online shopping in (Mummy’s been busy!).  There will none of that not knowing our fruits and vegetables here as Jamie Oliver encountered when talking to kids across America.  Jamie, come quiz my kid…..she knows what a “Buddha’s Hand” fruit is. 🙂

Next up, Ria wants to work on a “Vegetable Book”.  Hopefully, all this will translate into eating more fruits and vegetables.  A mother can hope.

10 thoughts on “Craft Project: Ria’s Fruit Box

  1. There is absolutely no reason I can’t do this! Well, except that my son will make me buy every chocolate related food product he finds in the market and we will have a chocolate box instead.

    Budhha’s hand?…now you are just showing off…

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