Cookie Swap @Seesaw

Cookie swaps are the best, “funnest” thing ever, especially since you can make just a couple of types (or even one type) of cookies and still end up with an amazing platter.  If you are a baker, it is a wonderful opportunity to show off your cookie making skills and enjoy the compliments that come your way.  If you are baking-impaired you end up with a bounty of cookies you would not end up with otherwise.  Win-win.  Stacie and I are great match – I can make just a few types of cookies and she is an extraordinary baker.  I am not sure what she got out of swapping with me, but it sure was beneficial for me.  I’ll have to get her back with some curry.

Our cookie swap at Seesaw definitely got us in the holiday mood and it was amusing to watch the kids try to get as many cookies to take home as possible.  The looks on their faces were priceless – “You mean I can take any of these? Really?”  I wasn’t too far behind the kids – I ate a bunch while I was there and my “loot” looked pretty good.  We hosted our annual holiday party shortly after the cookie swap and I presented a beautiful platter of cookies much to everyone’s delight.

This swapping thing is really gaining traction with me.  You don’t even have to attend a “formal” event like the one we co-hosted with Seesaw.  Get together with your friends and neighbors and organize a swap or just send each other stuff from time to time.  It’s good old fashioned bartering and it works wonderfully well.  Make what you are good at and send it to someone.  Hopefully, they will send you some of their special treats back.

We will be hosting more cookie swaps at Seesaw in the upcoming months, so do lookout for them.  We hope to see you there with your sweet creations.

8 thoughts on “Cookie Swap @Seesaw

  1. I think I just gained five lbs thinking about this absolutely heavenly yet devilish idea. Oh my this sounds so fun! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂 What are the little red and white swirly cookies? They look delightful!

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