The Dream Lunch Box

Sometimes you just have to let your kids do what they want to do.  I often find that when I do that, I am sometimes surprised by Ria’s choices but mostly I am amused.  The kiddo is often delighted and feels like she has some “control” over her existence.  I learned this from my mother, probably from when I was little and how she sometimes changed things around.  I cherish the times I was allowed to “break the rules” – stay up till midnight, eat in bed, have juice (out of a juice box), skip my morning glass of milk (I hated milk), go to bed without brushing my teeth, etc.

With that spirit of “let’s break the rules”, I let Ria pack her own lunch and this is what she came up with.  Banana bread (at least it was home-made) with chocolate chips, a baked hash brown, string cheese (yuck!) and baked cheese crunchies (33% less fat than regular cheese crunchies but just as bad for you).  The last time she had cheese crunchies was months ago when her grandparents were watching her and took her to Trader Joe’s and let her buy this junky treat which has been hanging out in our pantry since.  It is amazing that she remembered these crunchies were in the pantry.  Ria seems to have what is in the pantry, and where it is, memorized and cataloged (and it is a messy pantry overflowing with food and appliances).  Sometimes I will say, “Oh we are running out of X, I need to buy some” and she will quickly retort back, “But Mummy, we have X, it is on the top shelf in the pantry – let me show you!”  And lo and behold, X will be sitting behind the rice-cooker in the pantry.  If she only applied her brainpower to learning her letters and numbers. 🙂

This is what the dream lunch box looks like for my child.  Do this experiment with your little one and let us know what they packed in their lunch…..

18 thoughts on “The Dream Lunch Box

  1. So cute that she made her own lunch. I love those stackable lunch boxes. I use to use those when my son was taking a lunch to school. Now, he goes to a cafeteria. It’s a little scary because sometimes when I ask him what he had for lunch, he’ll say something like: “Pasta with some salt and some peach.” Sigh. But I guess you gotta let go some time and let them make their own food choices. lol Eventually they will learn what fuels their bodies the best.

    We love those crunchy Trader Joe’s snacks, btw. They have so many. But yes, at least they are all natural… ha ha.

  2. So lovely lunch she packed! I love the idea of letting kids break rules sometimes 🙂
    I just imagine now what my son will pack when he start school… probably something with eggs and some chocolate 🙂

  3. This post brought back fond memories of “rudeness” nights from when I was little. My brother and I were allowed to chew with our mouths open, put our elbows on the table, interrupt, etc. We thought it was hilarious fun – especially so because it was my parents who had to declare one – and it was totally random, so made for a bit more fun for the unexpectedness. My dad’s mom – a manners stickler – also loved it so we always got one when she came to visit!

  4. That’s so funny! It cracks me up how they have the fridge and pantry memorized. I frequently let my toddler choose his breakfast (unless it’s a really outlandish request.) The other day he had grapes and dill pickles.

      • At 18 months, my son was sitting on the floor as I made pizza. I was giving him a running commentary of my efforts, and I mentioned that it would be great if we had some green olives. He got up from the floor, walked to the pantry, slid out the bottom shelf and found a jar of green olives and brought them to me. I didn’t even know we had any, and I was shocked that he understood my wish, and then knew where to look for them! Kids are amazing. I hope mine starts cooking dinner for us in a few years.

  5. The taste of forbidden is always glorious. My mother didn’t aloud any sweets at home. So sometimes my father would sneak some little bonbons in my lunch box. Awwwww…I loved those moments. What a pleasant surprise. It’s really lovely that you let her choose her own lunch sometimes. Have a great week.

  6. I love the idea. I’ll challenge Caleb tomorrow and let you know what he comes up with! P.S. I can hear the disdain in your voice when you say (write) “cheese crunchies”.

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