Chinese New Year Adventure: Golden Gate Bakery

Golden Gate Bakery in San Francisco’s Chinatown has been on my “must check out list” for ages and it has somehow kept eluding me.  Chinatown is a difficult place to visit with kids – tough parking, always crowded, narrow alleys (though full of amazing things waiting to be discovered) easy to get lost in and just a general unfamiliarity with the “hot-spots”.  Chinatown is best tackled with one kid per person and that too slightly older kids (unless the younger ones are happy in a stroller or a baby carrier).

My friend Stephanie, is always ready to break out of the everyday routine and immediately said “yes” when I suggested we pick up the kids after school and go check out these famous egg tarts. I also asked her to come along because she is, unlike me, a “star-parker of cars in impossible spots”. 🙂  Fortunately, the ubiquitous line which is supposed to snake out of the bakery was non-existent and the egg tarts had just come out of the oven.  There are other delicious goodies such as moon-cakes, pineapple buns, lemon cake etc. that transport me back to my childhood in Singapore but we were purists and stuck to the egg tarts.

The egg tarts are sublime and deserve to be on the 7×7 2011 list of 100 things to eat in SF before you die.  They are jiggly-wiggly in the center, airy light, not-too-sweet, with a flaky crust that makes a “crunching sound” as you bite into it.  Deceptively light which leads to you eating more than you should.  My hubby, who is not much of dessert-eater inhaled one and half egg tarts and was looking for more.  Ria, of course, is now the biggest fan of these egg tarts and I am sure will be dragging me back to this bakery quite soon.

I want one (maybe two) right now!

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