Biscotti-Hazelnut Spread Ice-cream Sandwiches

It has been warm in San Francisco in a way that is almost confusing.  The rest of the country is freezing.  It’s snowing in Dallas before the Superbowl and we are walking around in tank tops and shorts.  I am so used to the perpetual chill in the air in San Francisco that I feel “naked” without a jacket.  I have never seen my daughter run around in a skirt and a t-shirt in the evening till last Sunday.  San Francisco gets about 5 days a year like that (real summer) and I feel like we have had more than five in a row.

Today is another great day for a biscotti-hazelnut spread ice cream sandwich.  This recipe is inspired by Giada’s Biscotti- Gelato Sandwiches and Espresso and our recent trip to Rome, which has resulted in fascination with all things Italian.  It couldn’t be simpler to make.  Store bought biscotti, Amadei hazelnut chocolate spread that we brought back from our travels and mini scoops of vanilla ice-cream.

A great treat for any day, even if it freezing out.  A fun finale to a dinner party.  Kids will love assembling this one with you.

Enjoy the glorious weather!

3 thoughts on “Biscotti-Hazelnut Spread Ice-cream Sandwiches

  1. It’s funny, your fascination with all things Italian describes my fascination with all things California! Especially the San Francisco area. It’s one of the places I most want to visit – it looks like it’s just breathtaking. Each time I watch my beloved St. Louis Cardinals play the Giants (in their unbelievable stadium), I get distracted by the scenery.

    I’m making these ice cream sandwiches REALLY soon – thanks for sharing!

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