Plow, Potrero Hill

First of all, Stacie is a trouper and will go to great lengths for a good meal.  This post should really be called “Stacie the Super Trouper”.  She is out and about exploring, in spite of having had a baby just a few weeks back.  I am in awe of her.  I would still be at home whining about something or the other related to childbirth and child-rearing.  I still do that sometimes.

In pouring rain with her newborn baby and son, she joined us for a food adventure in Potrero Hill.  I am always game since it is easier to get around with one child.  Also, once Ria is off to “big-kid” school, I am going to “lose” my “Food ‘Venture” buddy (and possibly lose some weight as well).  Hence, between now and school starting, Ria and I are trying to do as many food adventures as possible. (stay tuned!)

The plan was to explore the main drag on Potrero Hill but the rain meant we were just able to have lunch at Plow.  Plow is outstanding and I wish it was in our neigborhood.  They serve only breakfast, lunch and brunch on weekends.  Everything on the menu is appealing and we settled on a fried chicken sandwich with celery remoulade, bucatini with pancetta in a tomato sauce and the kids shared a grilled cheese (Pt. Reyes Toma, vermont cheddar, fromage blanc) sandwich with ham and nibbled on out-of-this world home-fries.  Somehow, the kids managed to convince us to order lemon ricotta pancakes to finish.  We might have caved because we wanted to taste them as well.  The light, fluffy, tangy and lemony pancakes were a hit all round.

I love eating with Stacie – we sit there and try to deconstruct the dishes and figure out if we can re-create them at home.  We also fantasized about working at a place like Plow.  Simple and delicious menu, clean and modern space and no late night work.  It’s the dream restaurant that is “oh-so San Francisco”

We’ll be back soon to explore the rest of Potrero Hill and it’s foodie options.  As we were leaving I spotted some pretty good establishments worth checking out….

4 thoughts on “Plow, Potrero Hill

  1. I love Plow! My friend and her husband own it and their spirit of perfection is apparent in everything – the food, the decor, etc. I can’t wait to eat there again soon.

  2. Wow, I wish we had a restaurant like that here. My husband and I don’t go out to eat anymore…we have yet to find a good place to go to and are very tired of being disappointed. I am envious!

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