Dreaming About Spring

All this rain has us dreaming about spring. No better time for a little planting. Our kitchen windowsill is now home to a trio of our favorite lettuces and our front stoop is sporting some baby rainbow chard, bok choy and thyme. We’ve laid off gardening for quite a while due to some massive construction going on next door to us and the weeds and snails are running wild. But the thought of spring is getting us motivated to get back out there and with a bit of luck we just might just manage a nice little kitchen garden this year. In the meantime, even a few small pots on the windowsill do a lot to lift the spirits.

Luca is excited to get back to the worms and the strawberries and blueberries we abandoned out there last season, as well as the artichoke plant we nicknamed “Sherm”. My husband has late summer tomatoes on the brain and I can’t wait to get my hands on those Little Gem lettuces and to eat some sugar peas right off the vine.

Windowsill or garden, what are you planting this year?

12 thoughts on “Dreaming About Spring

  1. Great post! I just posted about “Dreaming of Spring” too, how fun. I like your idea of a kitchen garden.. I just started out with some herbs last week.

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll be back.. 🙂


  2. Thanks for reminding me that I can start a little something on the windowsill. Caleb and Sadie would love to watch our seeds grow into something we can cook with. Great suggestion.

    • Let me know what you grow! Send us some pictures. It really is fun. Lettuce seeds come up in just a few days and you can move them to a pot after they get too big for the windowsill. Radishes are a favorite too because they grow so quickly Especially the French Breakfast variety — pink and white soooo pretty.

  3. so nice to meet you the other day @ the V-day cookie swap! i’ve been dreaming about planting for a little while now, and i hope to finally put things in motion this weekend! am a complete novice, but i think i’d like to plant some grape tomatoes and herbs… 🙂

    • We did well with grape tomatoes even in our foggy weather. Herbs are a must. We’re so lucky we can grow them all year around here. So nice to run outside to grab some really fresh herbs while you’re cooking. Good stuff!

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