We don’t know a whole lot about Danish cuisine but these little open faced sandwiches make me want to learn more.  Sabrina Gabel of Seesaw has these on the menu at her cafe cum play-space in Hayes Valley.  Seesaw is fast becoming a favorite of ours.  A neat little oasis for a play date or even a “business” meeting for parents with kids.  Stacie and I recently met up with Rosie from 18 Reasons at Seesaw to discuss our upcoming parent-kids/family cooking classes that we will be co-hosting at 18 Reasons. The kids kept themselves engaged with the toys in the play room and did not bother us at all.  Ria even made a new little friend.

Sabrina is quite the foodie and is developing a unique menu for Seesaw.  When I saw these smørrebrød (Danish for butter and bread) on Seesaw’s Facebook page, I knew I had to make them for Ria (and me).  They make the perfect after-school snack or a unique lunchbox item (trick is getting an open-faced sandwich to school).  We just like saying “smørrebrød”!  Smørrebrød usually consists of buttered, dense, dark brown rye bread available at specialty grocery stores (Cost Plus World Market, Rainbow Grocery) and pretty much your topping of choice.  A filling and fun snack that the little ones will enjoy making with you.  Wonder how this bread would taste with peanut butter and grape jelly? The possibilities are endless.


Photo from Seesaw

Danish rye bread (Rugbrød)

Salami and Cheese with butter or cream cheese

Butter or cucumber, boursin (goat cheese) + fried onions

Smoked salmon with cream cheese with chives

Scrambled eggs with butter

Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs

Hard boiled eggs slices with mayo and mustard

Do share your ideas…..

10 thoughts on “Smørrebrød

  1. One of my favorites is tuna (or mackrel) salad shallot slices crack black pepper! For a classy garnish try freshly snipped chives or peppercress, which they love in Denmark.

  2. Having Danish family, I had these open-faced sandwiches as a kid. Another fun Danish treat for kids is cookie soup: crunchy little cookies in buttermilk. Thx for the reminder to make these sandwiches w/ my kids. Love the photo, btw!

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