Delightful Treats at the Twirl & Dip Soft Serve Ice-cream Truck

Ria and I recently discovered another truck to chase and I can see us regularly trying to track the “Twirl & Dip” truck down.  Ice-cream trucks/carts take me back to my childhood – A childhood spent waiting for the ice-cream cart guy to come through our neighborhood ringing a bell.  I would wait anxiously everyday and hope and pray that the “Ice-cream God” (my mother) would smile upon me, give me some coins, so I could run out and buy myself a popsicle, ice-cream sandwich or a vanilla bar covered with chocolate and nuts (my favorite).

It’s pretty cool that we discovered this truck because for a while there ice-cream carts and trucks disappeared from my conscious mind.  Though the times have changed considerably – Now, I am the “Ice-cream God” and I don’t have to beg for coins.  One of those rare times it is probably better to be an adult (or a rather big kid).  We found out about this truck and I was on a mission to check it out.  I literally drove around the Marina Green whenever I got the opportunity, because I heard about the truck but did not know it’s name.

We could not have picked a better day to try the soft-serve ice-cream served by Twirl & Dip.  It was a warm, sunny Friday and we picked up Ria’s little friend Reyna after school and made our way to the Marina Green.  The girls could not believe their luck that I was taking them to a mobile ice-cream parlor and I felt like such a benevolent parent (are you reading mom?) allowing them to indulge in such a “delightful treat” as Reyna called it.

Twirl and Dip serves organic, hand crafted soft serve ice cream, Straus hard ice cream, sundaes made with homemade sauces and toppings, milkshakes, ice cream sodas and floats, handmade fresh fruitsicles and creamsicles, made to order ice cream sandwiches with fresh baked cookies (hard ice cream or soft), and hand rolled cones. They use local and organic ingredients and are available to cater parties.

Another discovery that is bad for the waistline……

7 thoughts on “Delightful Treats at the Twirl & Dip Soft Serve Ice-cream Truck

  1. I need to find this truck. Today. What the heck, why didn’t I already know about it??? I think I want everything they sell.

    For the record, I’m one of the rare people who actually prefers being an adult rather than a kid…means I can always eat/do exactly what I want (no matter the consequences, like tight jeans).

  2. I love soft serve! It brings me back to when I was a kid. In Korea, they used to have soft serve machines in the food section of the department stores. I haven’t noticed one in a long time, but I’m craving one right now.

  3. Vanilla bar covered with chocolate and nuts….yummmmo.
    That was my favorite too, I haven’t seen not even one ice cream truck around here at La, la, la, land. Snif….

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