A Few of My Favorite Foods by Ria

A fun little thing to do with the little ones inspired by Stacie’s post on “Collecting Memories Around the Dinner Table”.  At least, it is not all junk food.

Translation of some of the foods:

Dhal-Chal:  Indian staple of lentil curry and rice.  A superhit and go-to at our home

Pulka: An Indian wheat flatbread made of wheat flour

Panelle: are Sicilian fritters made from chickpea flour and other ingredients.  We had these on a recent vacation to Italy and they somehow stuck in Ria’s mind.  I may have to learn how to make them.

4 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Foods by Ria

  1. You can see how worldly Ria’s food ‘likes’ are already. Btw, I made dhal for Caleb last night and unfortunately, it wasn’t a big hit with him. I have to work on spices w/ him. Loved Stacie’s idea too about putting the cards in a bowl on the table to catch funny phrases (like “pickle pants!”) and sweet moments, etc. We started that tradition over the weekend.

  2. This would look a lot like my 3 year old’s list! She loves “Dhal-Chawal”as we call it and it is one of my favs too! She also loves chocolate ganache cake, rotis/phulkas 🙂 I tried seewed with her but that didn’t go over so well 🙂

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