Here’s to One Year of Yumminess!

I have been putting off writing this post for weeks and now our blog’s birthday is a little bit past and I have to do it.  It is tough to summarize a year’s worth of anything, especially eating.  🙂  Stacie put together the beautiful collage above, drew the very cute doodle below and I had to write the post.  Good one Stace, art comes to you naturally, and words sometimes fail me.

When Stacie first suggested we start a blog together based on the food adventures Ria and I go on, I had to “pretend” that I knew what exactly a blog really was (yes, I am that old).  Then, I had to pretend that anyone, aside from a few of our foodie friends would actually read it.  I vacillated and I am not a “vacillator” (Stacie doesn’t know I vacillated) and finally we decided it was something worth trying out.  If nothing came from it, it would be fine.  Our blog would be a little personal diary of what we ate and where we ate.  It has been that and so much more.

We’ve made a ton of new friends, found some amazing kindred spirits who are as obsessed with food as we are, inspired a few people to start food blogs of their own and started our collaboration with 18 Reasons (love them) in hosting monthly food swaps and cooking classes.  Along the way it was nice to see our names in print in the NYTimes and The Bay Citizen.  Kind of narcissistic, but nice.  We love more than anything else hearing from parents who tell us they tried a recipe and their munchkins loved it.  We love it when people check out our suggested food adventure spots.  Thank you for reading and being supportive.  It’s all very cool and I think we will have to keep doing our little thing.

Stacie, I love you, you’re awesome! (This had to get sappy at some point).  Even though you stuck me with writing this.  I am glad we found each other by chance, or perhaps it was by design?  You are writing the next Anniversary post. 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Here’s to One Year of Yumminess!

  1. Congratulations! and many kudos on surviving your first virtual year. Keep it up and motivate us, even the most unadventurous foodie types, to try new recipes…

    For what its worth, I hope you guys stick to your own (art & writing) because you guys have a natural knack for it…quite the team!

  2. I didn’t comment earlier but knowing you find it encouraging I just wanted to let you know I loved “rice cooker Mac-n-cheese” my girls can cook it on their own (they are 11 – but it’s better than boxed mac-n-cheese) and I’ve even passed it on to other mothers who needed a quick dinner plan after viola lessons. Thank you!

  3. Happy 1st Birthday!! Thanks to you, Ramen Dojo is one of my new favorite hangouts…and one day, I may actually start cooking more of your recipes in my kitchen instead of in my head! 😉

  4. Giiiirl…NY Times…how chic. Happy Blog Birthday. I always forget about mine. Well…I’m terrible with dates…I never remember my wedding anniversary, how bad is that? Congrats girl, you deserve it.

  5. Happy 1st Year of Yumminess! I’m honored to have been part of a food swap with you. We’ve made the cauliflower soup at least four times in the past six months. Looking forward to lots more yum yum in the years to come! Cheers to you two 🙂

  6. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! I can’t believe it’s been a year. It seems like just yesterday I was dragging my skeptical husband and my then-2 year old on our first Food Adventure – Fort Mason and Greens to Go and the hidden Community Garden. What a wonderful day that was! Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations! When we became ‘blog buddies’ so many months ago, I didn’t realize you were as new as I. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with you two and your adventures so much…here’s to another wonderful year.

  8. Well, what to say…happy first year! I am sure there will be many more! A little yumminess was one of the first blogs I started to obsessively read (even though I don’t have the time to leave consistent comments) and it always inspired me a lot! Great job girls!

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