Charred Green Garbanzos

We couldn’t resist snatching up a giant bag of green garbanzos (fresh chick peas) when we saw them at our favorite neighborhood produce store. We love canned or dry chick peas in all kinds of soups, stews and salads but fresh chick peas are a totally new one for us. Our haul is enough for a few experiments, and our first was this simple charred green garbanzo snack. After washing the pods and drying them well, I chucked them in a hot, dry skillet and let them toast until they were blackened on one side (2-3 minutes). Then we tossed them with some good olive oil and our favorite sea salt. Eaten like edamame, they are super snack-able with a mild and slightly nutty flavor. Kids who like eating edamame will probably be more than happy to give these a try… and the beans inside also happen to look like tiny green brains which is pretty cool too.

I am thinking about batches flavored up with lime and chili, or perhaps we’ll give them the same treatment as Mythili’s edamame with coconut, cumin and chili. Chances are pretty good I’ll be making another run to grab some more while they’re still in season.

4 thoughts on “Charred Green Garbanzos

    • I hear they have a short season. Try your local farmer’s market. I also have a fave ethnic produce store (mostly greek/middle eastern) where we got them over the weekend. I think Latin markets may stock them as well.

  1. You’ve prepared them just like they do in Mexico, where they are served hot with lime juice and salt! You can also steam them quite easily! These are easy to prepare and fun to eat, not to mention they’re nutritious!

    • My son is really loving these — he calls them Bonzo Beans. Nice when a snack is easy, healthy and yummy. We are really enjoying these while they are in season. We have a trip planned to Mexico, maybe we’ll see some!

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