Guest Post: Lena’s Cooking Shortcuts

My friend Lena who contributed the Stone Soup post to our blog, recently started her own blog called A Happier Meal.  First of all, what a great name for a food blog.  (I love it)  Secondly, she has already got some pretty yummy food up on her blog which is worth checking out.  Lena hopes you will enjoy the glimpse into her family’s cooking life, meant to inspire simple, sustainable, delicious home cooking that makes for a happier meal every time.

Her children are adventurous eaters and she is clearly doing something right.  I look forward to more of her recipes and trying some of them out for our family (I could use a culinary point of view shake-up).  Whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies, here I come!

Do check out her blog, sign up to receive updates or follow her on Facebook, you won’t regret it. 🙂  While you are at it, do follow A Little Yumminess on Facebook as well.

Her’s a recent post from A Happier Meal that got my attention and Lena kindly allowed me to replicate it here.  I hope you find her cooking shortcuts as helpful as I did.

My Cooking Shortcuts by Lena Brook

Getting a good dinner on the table by 6PM or so every night sometimes feels like an Iron Chef – level challenge. Most days, I rise to the occasion without breaking too much of sweat. And then there are those moments when 5PM hits and the kids are begging me for appetizers when I desperately need to be making dinner and I have NO idea what to cook. That is exactly when my patience runs thin and everything breaks down.

So over time, I’ve come up with a small arsenal of shortcuts to make my cooking life more enjoyable, and I thought I’d share. PLEASE feel free to add yours to the list – I can’t wait to see what great ideas you have up your sleeve!

The Top Five

1. Plan meals ahead. This is not a radical concept and has  been recommended by countless others, but you see, I loathe to plan meals, I much prefer to fly by the seat of my pants so to speak. Yet time and time again, the failure of my spontaneity has won me over to the more organized approach. Take a few minutes to poll the family about their dinner preferences for the upcoming week on Saturday morning, when everyone is in a happy, beginning-of-the-weekend mood. Or take it upon yourself. Either way, if you have a general plan you’ll feel much better equipped – actually buying necessary ingredients in advance is a bonus but not crucial. Its the ideas that count in my book!

2) Deal with garlic in advance. It always seems to take forever to peel and chop garlic when you can least afford to spend the time yet I love love love cooking with it and seem to need it frequently. Now, admittedly, I’m not a garlic press person and if you are, ignore this. But the rest of us, here’s my tip: peel and store cloves from 1-2 heads of garlic (however you are likely to use in 5-7 days time) and store in a glass or stainless steel container in the refrigerator. Chopping will seem like a breeze when you eliminate the peeling step.

3) Prep your “mirepoix.” Mirepoix is French for the crucial combination of diced carrots, celery and onions that form the basis for so many soups, stews, braises, etc. Store 1-2 cups of diced celery and carrots in one bag, and the same of onion in a glass container – they will be on hand for whatever you are cooking in the next 3-4 days.

4) The frozen food section. I do occasionally rely on store-bought frozen food items (see below for a case in point). But I prefer to create our own frozen food section in the fridge. I’ll freeze pizza dough, leftover soups and stews, ground beef and small steaks, sausages, fruit, butter, etc. Our freezer is unimpressive in size yet when I properly use the space, I’m always impressed with what I’ve got on hand. Ice cream is also a very important addition to this list, by the way.

5) Trader Joe’s potstickers. When in doubt, I bust these out. Pan-fried with sticky brown rice and green vegetables for a quick dinner, potsticker soup if you have chicken broth around, these work great for lunch or dinner (or breakfast, if you are Talia). I’m pretty sure I’ve been eating these on a regular basis since my early college years. And they still manage to satisfy.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Lena’s Cooking Shortcuts

  1. I totally agree with you on preparing ahead. Things like garlic, onion are ingredients I prepare ahead of time and store them in the fridge. The thing about planing meals ahead is that sometimes I just don’t know what to cook. There are times when I feel that I’ve cooked a dish so many times that I’m dying to try something else. That’s when my wife comes in and help me when I go blank…

  2. Wholefoods has some great options for frozen quick healthy meals too, I like their organic pizza or frozen Indian food for a quick meal with little or no prep required.

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