Spring at the Alemany Farmers Market

A few of our favorite finds at the farmers market. We’re loving the spring onions, baby carrots, asparagus and citrus. We were particularly amazed by the variety of walnuts in season right now. Check out the beautiful shades of red, black and brown. We’re thinking this might be just the occasion to give Simran’s Honey Walnut Cake a try.

And as for the carrots… If you know any kids on the fence about carrots, these might just be the ones to make full-fledged carrot lovers out of them. We loaded up on a ridiculously large haul and have been trying all sorts of new carrot recipes but in the end, it’s pretty hard to improve on the good old carrot stick when they are this sweet and delicious.

7 thoughts on “Spring at the Alemany Farmers Market

  1. Love, love Alemany. But we’re always torn between the Alemany and the Ferry Plaza markets on Saturday mornings. Those rainbow of walnuts look amazing! Your honey walnut cake sounds delicious! Thank you for the recipe.

    • Us too — I love all the ethnic herbs and produce at the Alemany — usually find a few things I’ve never cooked with before…. but then again, Ferry Building has such gorgeous stuff — and Blue Bottle coffee. An embarrassment of riches around here!

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