Ria’s Breakfast Invention

I have to admit the breakfast treat above – toast with hazelnut-chocolate spread, strawberries and whipped cream – was pretty darn good.  I did not even know we had a can of whipped cream in the fridge but the munchkin did.  She topped off her self-invented breakfast creation (conceived and discussed while we were cuddling in bed) with it.  Even though it is a bit of a no-brainer and includes chocolate and whipped cream, I am kind of proud of her.  All that Food Network watching might be paying off.

We used up the last of our Amadei hazelnut chocolate spread from Rome in making this breakfast treat.  It seems my husband (who doesn’t even like sweets) and chocoholic daughter have been eating it on weekends while I slept in and “forgot” to tell me.  I was saving it and realized today that it was mostly gone!!  Stacie has been talking about making some chocolate hazelnut spread at home and I wish she would get on it. (I am assuming she will send us some 🙂 ).

Meanwhile, I am tempted to splurge and buy some Askinoise Chocolate Hazelnut Spread….which I am going to store in a shoebox in my closet so the two thieves, I call my family, don’t get to it.

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