Waffle Mania: Belgian Waffle Truck

Stacie and I have a thing going for waffles these days.  One of the last few times we cooked together, we worked on a Cambodian waffle recipe (much to the kiddos delight).

We recently went on a food venture to the Civic Center Farmer’s Market and the market was great as usual but we had waffles on the mind.  Ria and I tried this Belgian Sugar Waffle Truck about a year back and have been hankering to return.  Other adventures got in the way and we did not make it back till a few days ago.  We managed to “drag” Stacie and her new baby with us.  Unfortunately Luca was at school and I am hoping Ria doesn’t tell him about the “waffle adventure” she went on with his little brother.  It was Ria’s second breakfast, and slathered with nutella, not a super healthy choice.  But then, this is the stuff from childhood (adulthood too) one remembers forever! 🙂

The Waffle Truck is at the Civic Center Farmer’s Market every Wednesday from 8am to 2pm.  There is a ton else to do in the area – City Hall, the Main Library and the Asian Art Museum and in the middle of it all a couple of playgrounds.  Make a full-day adventure out of it.  You can try for street parking or park in the giant underground Civic Center lot.  I forgot where I had parked but Ria remembered – “Mummy, we parked on the “blue” floor next to the “H”!”  Thanks kiddo (Mummy is a putz for not paying attention)!!

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